The awarding of contract of the construction of the new Supreme and National Court Complex in Waigani worth K430 million that was being heavily politicised has taken another twist. 

The twist now sees the Prime Minister getting directly involved. The National Executive Council (NEC) is set to meet this week and one agenda will be the awarding of contract for the construction of the new Court House complex Waigani. 

 The Prime Minister is said to be traveling out of the country when NEC meets. He has appointed Deputy Prime Minister Leo Dion to chair NEC. 

This sly tactic by PM is totally uncalled for and is seen to be corrupt practice and tactic. Prime Minister before travelling out has has directed his PNC Party members to support the awarding of the contract to L&A Construction a company.

 L&A Construction is closely linked and associated with the PNC Party and Prime Minister O'Neil. Although L&A Constructions bid was out of the budget, they had no experience in large construction projects worth over K100 million apart from Paddys Bar/Hotel and the Pineapple Building which is only a refurbishment project but not a actual construction project. The question here now begs us to ask why the PM is so adamant to award the contract to L&A Construction.

 Is it the reason for the delay for 3 months now of the awarding contract. This new Court House complex is a very important infrastructure for the development of the rule of law to be strengthen and therefore there can no longer delay in awarding of the contract. 

The awarding of the contract went through the the bureaucratic process by going through the Central Supply and Tenders Board before being submitted to the National Executive Council (NEC) it's recommendation. The NEC submission in awarding a contract of the construction of the Supreme and National Court complex in Waigani is based on Supply and Tender Boards submission while in turn is based on careful and professional technical and financial assessment. 

CSTB have shortlisted 3 very qualified and experienced bidders that we're recommended to NEC. And they are in preference from 1- 3; 

1. China Railway Construction Engineering (CRCE); - CRCE bid was K427 million 

 2. L & A Construction - L & A bid was at K454 million 

3. China Railway Construction Group (CRCG). - CRCG bid was at K490 million. 

 *refer to attached document. 

The reasons for CRCE being recommended was because it's bid was under budget for this project us set at K430 million, it had an outstanding and a credible track record in delivering vital projects over K100 million on time such as the Games Village, Vision City Hotel and NCDC new city hall. 

Photo Caption 1- PM celebrating with L&A Construction owner Lady Ni's mothers 70th birthday. 

2- Central Supplies and Tenders Board preference from 1 to 3 preference. 

3- Lady Ni and Luciano owners of L&A coeircing Attorney General Pala to award the National Court Contract ..last week