Peter O'Neill's long-running legal battles were merely to protect himself. He managed to corrupt the independent institutions like Police and Ombudsman Commisson to protect him. He is spending millions of kina in legal fees legitimised by his corrupt Attorney General Ano Pala.
He has cannibalised all the small parties including coalition members. 

He has used the DSIP funds as a tool to force MPs to migrate to the Government, leaving the opposition weak numerically. Penetrating the Protected -Judiciary We have witnessed his unrestraint behaviour in exploiting and testing the limits of the Court process, ably assisted by legal predators. It is open secret that a few judges have been compromised in the process and stood up for him. 

New Developments O'Neill has manipulated his corrupt government to introduce a bill without notice in Parliament today (23/3/16) to introduce a High Court. The Bill was never in the notice paper, nor was the idea of having it was circulated. No consultation with stake holders. So what motivated PO to ambush Parliament with a substantial change to the Constitution? If my memory serves me right, Peter O'Neill had been having very difficult time with judges who dealt with his cases were also in the Supreme Court. 

I recall O'Neill once filed an application to recuse these judges from sitting at the Supreme Court. That application was refused unanimously. Since then, I gathered that O'Neill's Lawyers were having real difficulty getting passed the National Judges. Those few judges are junior in rank and may not be qualified to make it to the proposed High Court in the immediate future. 

That appears to be the real motive behind this draconian legislative stunt --protecting himslef. Fresh Development: A Decoy On No Confidence. PO just filed a Supreme Court Reference to challenge the Opposition Motion of No-Confidence. This is quite absurd when Parliamentary functions are readily brought to Court. Sometimes I wonder, if that is the case, then they should shut down Parliament and allow the Courts to run their affairs. 

Lawyers giving such legal advises or taking these cases are corrupt hence are willing to corrupt everything for the sake of money. The evil plan behind this move to file a court reference is to enable the Speaker to say that 'since the issue of no confidence vote is in court, we cannot discuss or deliberate the motion until the the case is determined.' Very manipulative and evil!! 

What is he scared of if he has all the numbers. And why is he suppressing all democratic processes? What bothers me most is not so much of what this guy is doing, but our collective inability to stop him from destroying the country.