At the very least, she unashamedly tried to paint that picture on the eve of her arrest. But what is really the case against Twivey? Off Course, Fraud Squad Officers cannot arrest a lawyer for “merely acting on her client’s instructions”. Was she in this case? You bet!

Information available in the public domain reveal that when news broke out that a Warrant of Arrest was out for the arrest of Daire Vele, Tiffany wrote to Director of Fraud Squad and advised that her client (Vele) was out of the country and would be making himself available for question as soon as he returned. She deliberately diverted the attention of the Fraud Squad Officers to ensure that her client was not arrested whilst she worked on Court documents to set aside the warrant.

My inquiries with well-placed sources reveal that Tiffany acted improperly and criminally when she filed an application to set aside a warrant of arrest issued by the District Court against Daire Vele, Secretary for Treasury. In doing so, she removed the name of the informant (Chief Inspector Timothy Gitua) and replaced it with the Royal PNG Constabulary. It is understood the law demands that the ‘informant’ is the one initiating the criminal proceedings at the District Court and is the only person entitled to prosecute the accused (Vele) by himself or through a Police Prosecutor.

Ms Twivey, who claims to be a senior lawyer, knew that she cannot change the name of the Informant without seeking approval of the District Court. She replaced Gitua with RPNGC without the District Court’s approval. She inserted RPNGC to remove the matter from Gitua and allow the Commissioner of Police (Gari Baki) to take carriage of the case. She succeeded by getting Commissioner to instruct Sam Bonner to consent to set aside the warrant of arrest. Since then, it is understood they have deliberately protracted the case whilst Daire Vele continues to run the economy down with Peter O’Neill.

This was something out of the ordinary. Unusual for a lawyer to manipulate the justice process to protect her client/boyfriend at such a scale.

Justice Kirriwom made those adverse findings against Tiffany and Bonner and in referring them to the Law Society for investigations, also mentioned in his judgement that Police are at liberty to take any other actions they think is warranted. That is a serious determination of fact which was subsequently upheld by the Supreme Court recently. So the case against Tiffany is predisposed. The Supreme Court ruled that Tiffany has a case.

I believe that is not the end of the cases against Tiffany. I gather that Police have more fraud cases against Tiffany so we hope it will unravel soon.

So is Tiffany just another lawyer doing her job? I Doubt so! She is fighting her own battle within her client’s battle.