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The Prime Minister has been up to his second favourite trick recently after stealing – telling lies.

And once again he’s been caught out big-time, this time over the cost of holding APEC.

The Prime Minister doesn’t know whether he’s telling lies or telling the truth any more – he can’t tell the difference.

So PNG Blogs is going to help the Pacific’s most corrupt and useless leader with some facts about APEC costs.

First of all an official IMF report stated that “the government plans to spend K3 billion over 2015-18 on the preparations for APEC 2018”

Mr O’Neill told Parliament last week that “the amount mention by IMF is utterly rubbish, inaccurate and not true. How can you spend K3 billion, when the country has only K12 billion budget every year?”

Note the big lie: the IMF did not say PNG was going to spend K3 billion on APEC in one year, as O’Steal claims.

It said the spending was over four years – 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Furthermore, the K3 billion estimate was given to the IMF by Mr O’Neill’s own officials during meetings in 2015 in preparation for the IMF report.

Last week, in his usual deceitful way, the Prime Minister did not give a cost estimate to Parliament, simply saying that K120 million was being spent to build APEC Haus.

He has long promised to table the APEC buget in Parliament, but still has not done so.

But evidence available in the public domain, including from the Prime Minister himself, shows that the K3 billion estimate is correct.

For example Mr O’Neill said on March 1 this year that his regime had set up a special-purpose company called APEC Infrastructure Investment Corporation.

Its major function so far has been to invest in the K1.5 billion Star Mountain Plaza Project, which is being built as a major APEC venue.

The State would directly contribute K316 million and the rest would come from the State-Owned MRDC Ltd, a well know PNC slush fund, by the simple device of stealing the landowner funds the company is supposed to hold in trust.

So there is K1.7 billion of the K3 billion already.

In addition, the O’Neill Regime is investing K1.4 billion in the Hilton Hotel, currently under construction as another major APEC venue. Again, all the money is being stolen from landowner trust funds at State-owned MRDC Ltd.

Make that K3.1 billion.

The Prime Minister himself presided over the July 2015 opening of the new K140 million Jacksons Airport refurbishment for APEC.

That’s K3.2 billion.

A new airport building joining the domestic and international terminals is due to be completed before the full APEC meeting in 2018, at a cost estimated at K100 million including fit-out and installation of services and operational equipment.

That’s K3.3 billion.

The O’Neill regime through NCDC is also paying for part of the cost of the illegal Paga Hill Estate development run by leading konman and O’Neill crony Gummi Fridriksson. It is paying for the ring road section of the development, which must be ready in time to host APEC events organised through corrupt contracts. The cost is K50 million.

We’re now at K3.35 billion.

APEC Haus – funded by leading tax-dodger Oil Search through the tax credit scheme – is to cost K120 million.

We’re now at K3.47 billion and still rising

Then there’s the cost of running the APEC 2018 Coordinating Authority being run by Prime Ministerial crony Chris Hawkins. The figure for this year (but not preceding years) has been made available and it is K80 million.

That’s K3.55 billion AT LEAST.

There are many more costs not included – for example the cruise ships needed to meet accommodation requirements not catered for by local establishments.

Entertainment. Logistics. Telecommunications. Police and Defence Force requirements. Foreign security arrangements. The numerous committee meetings, departmental meetings, summits and side-meetings of officials that have already been held. The cost of all the inflated contracts that have gone to O’Steal’s colleagues and cronies.