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Remember how he lost the Mining & Petroleum portfolio not all that long ago. William was misbehaving, of course! Now he's at it again. Always wanting to be a king in PNG's corrupt mafia, Mal Smith would have a heart attack if he knew what his old political party soulmate has been up to, what?

Minister Duma must have been motivated to fall into the ethical pit toilet again when he learnt how effective one of the Somares was at getting the Chinese ZTE Telecommunications company to pay a bribe of more than USD $784,000 into Michael Somare's very own secret Singapore Bank Account. That's a government owned company just like SinoHydro, who Minister Duma approached for a bribe. No, SinoHydro didn't offer a bribe to William Duma, it was the other way around and let Minister Duma DARE try to blame SinoHydro for this one!

Minister Duma wanted much more than USD $784,000 from SinoHydro. Not only that, he wanted a mistress, paid for and secretly provided by SinoHydro. Why couldn't Duma arrange his own mistress with the bribe money he was hoping for? Obviously it was either because he didn't want his wife or his rellies poking around his finances and finding out he was paying the mistress directly. Either that or William Duma has such an ugly face that any woman he was hoping to become his mistress would turn and run away? We have no idea what the answer it, but something fishy is going on with the mistress business and William Duma.

Simply because William Duma wasn't asking for a small bribe, but a very large one: USD $10 million, or over K30 million. That could have bought a lot of mistresses for William Duma, heh? But what was the huge favour that Duma was going to give SinoHydro in exchange for over K30 million?

Very simple. William Duma was going to do nothing but what he is paid as a Minister and public servant to do. In exchange for the bribe and the mistress, William Duma was going to submit SinoHydro's plan to the NEC for approval so that the desperately, very badly needed Ramu 2 hydro expansion construction project could get going. If he's not paid the bribe and the mistress, he said he wasn't going to do his ministerial job and SinoHydro could go stuff it.

Naturally, William Duma doesn't give a damn whether the people of Momase and the highlands have reliable power at last from Ramu 2. In fact, none of our pollies care about the ridiculously unreliable power that the people of PNG have to put up with. Remember last year when Ben Micah as SOE Minister declared a state of emergency last year for PNG Power, supposedly so he could mostly so he could give South Korea's Daewoo Company, who privately supplies 2 generator's worth of power to Port Moresby for an outrageous price, an emergency license to build a power generating plant outside of Lae in exchange for a bribe. Now we have William Duma holding Ramu 2 hydro expansion project hostage so he can get a mistress and either money for his own overseas bank account in dribs and drabs or (probably more likely), a "campaign donation" that he can milk any way he wants but also very well aware that not everyone in his Hagen electorate wants to carry his fat body on their shoulders any more in a bizarre form of idol worship.

Maybe William Duma got his sneaky idea from both Micah and Somare and blended parts of both scams to come up with his very own William Duma scam against the Chinese. Mr Duma might be reminded that ZTE Corporation itself did not do a corrupt kickback to the Somares. Instead it was a rogue Pacific islands manager in the company who did it. Maybe Duma knows that and was looking for a rogue manager of SinoChina to do his bidding.

What William Duma may not know is that despite its high level corruption, the Chinese government imposes the death penalty for serious corruption offences. What Chinese would risk losing their life because they gave a baboon by the likes of William Duma a K30 million bribe and a mistress?

We have to be sympathetic to our Prime Minister on this occasion. He has had nothing but trouble with electricity generation deals since he took office. First was the shady LR Group of Israel, the company who Peter O'Neill made a shady deal to buy what at first was stated to be used GE generators from Israel, but ended up being new GE generators shipped straight from the United States. All priced much higher than if the PNG government had bought the generators directly. Remember all that? Then the LR Group tried very unsuccessfully to take over all of PNG's power and promised the moon with a giant hydro project in Southern Highlands. Much to Peter O'Neill's embarassment, it was revealed in PNG Blogs that LR Group has virtually no capacity at all to undertake such projects. Instead, it was advertising on the internet for short term experts who could be employed by LR long enough to build the hydro project. No takers? The project died away and LR Group turned back to growing high priced cabbages in greenhouses for various politicians who are milking the profits as provincial businesses and using the money to satisfy their various evil desires.

The GE generator in Lae, last we heard, still isn't working. What a head pain our Prime Minister must have had already and now he knows that William Duma has been misbehaving again, and obstructing the giant Ramu 2 Hydro expansion all for a mistress plus Chain.

William Duma, straighten up and stop pretending to be a Christian. Start thinking about the people who are long overdue to receive reliable power and try as best you can to overcome your apparently boundless greed.