Around the world, corruption fighters committed to bringing down corrupt leaders and public figures learnt some very valuable lessons this past year.   Specifically they learnt how relentlessly without conscience corrupt leaders lie to protect themselves.  After that they learnt how courts of public opinion in today’s world can break through all those deceptions and reveal the holy, sweet truth about these scoundrels.
The case study was that of American television star Bill Cosby.   For decades, Cosby was role model to kids and parents alike through his television personality, that of a kindly and ethical father figure.   Everyone, black and white, in America, Australia, and other countries where the Cosby show appeared, grew to deeply admire the man.
This is not to say the picture was perfect.  Now and again there were some accusations that Bill Cosby had forced himself onto women in a very unsaintly way.  Did anyone believe?   Very few.   Only those with a critical eye or who didn’t accept stories on the face of the matter until they dug deeper for the truth gave the stories some attention and didn’t dismiss them outright.   Nearly everyone acted just like blind sheep, believing that Bill Cosby was a good man, nearly a saint, and always to be believed.   They ridiculed the women who came up with such stories, calling them gold diggers.  Strange, because in one court case, Cosby paid off the accuser to drop the case.   Why would an innocent man do that?   Cosby said it was because he wanted to end the foolish and baseless accusations.  That’s odd.  People who are truly innocent usually roar like a lion and come out fighting mad when they are accused of a falsehood.  
None of that mattered cuz everyone knew Bill Cosby could do no wrong.   Da Man continued to shine throughout the world, raking in millions by acting, writing and commanding high speaking fees.  
The illusion was not to last, even for Bill Cosby if the saying is true that “the truth always comes out in the end.”  The fall of Da Man occurred in a way that shows just how many of us are blind supporters of leaders we don’t even know personally, and how much mud we would have on our faces if the real truth could ever come out.
The story that Bill Cosby might be a sexual predator reappeared in October 2014 when a black comedian by the name of Hannibal Buress made reference in a cynical way to Cosby’s secret sexual misbehaviour in one of his comedy standup routines.  This was on youtube video and it started to go viral as millions of people for the first time learnt about the allegations.
Bill Cosby of course, stayed silent for the longest time, saying nothing and continuing to rake in his millions, still being much admired and filling up lecture halls by people willing to pay to hear his words of wisdom on how to live in a saintly way.     However many supporters, especially well known people who had known him for years, spoke out strongly in his defence and called the allegations false, irresponsible, defamatory, and downright evil.
Who was on the side of evil?  The issue became cloudy as new women began to come forward, telling of how Bill Cosby had come to their apartments, hotel rooms, or homes, and lured them into drinking something in which he had put drugs in to put them to sleep.   They then awoke, usually to find themselves naked and Cosby still present, acting like nothing had happened and everything was consensual.
As the number of women accusing him of rape and sexual aggression came forward, Cosby himself was forced to speak out in his defence, nearly always through his lawyer although he has declared at different times, "I don't talk about it" and "people shouldn't have to go through that and shouldn't answer to innuendos".   He created the image of a now elderly man hurt and confused about so many false allegations all of a sudden, and not wanting to lower himself by speaking directly about the stories. 
Where do we stand today with the Bill Cosby allegations?  At least 50 women have now come forward and told their stories of Bill Cosby forcing himself on them sexually.    While some of the incidents supposedly occurred more than 40 years ago, others are more recent.  The police, which had always declined to investigate any allegations against Cosby, finally were able to secure the secret testimony he had given years ago at the civil court case he had been able to have withdrawn by buying off the accuser.   In that testimony came the bombshell revelation in which he admitted under oath, at giving women drugs in order to bed them, but that it was consensual.  For the first time, from the mouth of Bill Cosby himself, came information that corresponded exactly with the methods that the 50 women had said Bill Cosby had used.   None of them knew about the secret testimony.  Suddenly the allegations started being looked at very seriously by millions of Americans and others around the world.  Bill Cosby’s star began to fall. 
On 30 December 2015, Cosby was charged with sexual assault and a warrant for his arrest was issued. Cosby was arraigned and on 24 May 2016, a judge ruled that there was enough evidence for the case to go to trial.  Cosby remains free on $1 million bail until his trial. Each charge carries a possible 10 year sentence.  Trial is scheduled to start on 4 June 2017.   No public figures are talking out about Bill Cosby’s innocence now.
Powes Parkop has been under suspicion for corruption for some years, although he started out with his star as high as Bill Cosby’s due to Parkop’s reputation as a human rights lawyer, helping the poor and downtrodden achieve justice against powerful accusers.
That reputation went sour over 15 years ago when Parkop suddenly decided to defend a very wealthy man, a former World Bank consultant by the name of Hamidan Rad.   Rad had served in PNG under employment of the World Bank, but then Prime Minister Bill Skate, as desperate to save PNG’s collapsing kina as Peter O’Neill is today, enticed Rad to leave the World Bank and become the government’s Chief Economic Advisor.   One thing led to another, Skate was deposed as Prime Minister, and Hamidan Rad was arrested and imprisoned along with his laptop in the then VIP wing of Bomana prison. 
Rad called on Parkop to be his defence lawyer, but said he had no money.  Instead he promised to give Parkop his fancy bright red sports car in which he used to drive all around Moresby.   Parkop, who always loved fancy cars, accepted the deal.   Parkop got Rad released, Rad immediately left PNG, and Powes Parkop now had his very own fancy red sports car. 
Powes Parkop was riding high, but in the eyes of those who put together what information was available, it appeared very strongly that Parkop had sold out to money and abandoned his commitment to justice.  
The next major incident came early in Parkop’s term as MP, running the NCD.   There had been stories that Parkop had signed off on a number of suspicious ‘expenses’ including a K100,000 hire car bill (see https://pngexposed.files.wordpress.com/2011/08/internal-audit-report.pdf).  For those who aren’t familiar with one of the most commonly used tricks of the corrupt, the idea is to make up a very high bill to send to the government.  It could be a steep legal bill, a steep rental car hire charge, or whatever.  The bill is always for a service those extent and delivery can easily be faked.   Public money is used to pay the bill, and the recipient kicks back a percentage of the money to the govenrment official who approved the payment.    
All this was kept very secret until a whistleblower inside NCDC who obviously had a sense of humour, created a fake audit report cover, but included actual NCDC financial expenditure reports.  At first Parkop denied that he had done anything wrong but did so in a very odd way.  He focused on the faked audit report cover and said it was totally false.  Suspiciously, he never denied the legitimacy of the expenditures themselves and even worse, when the actual excessive bill for the hire car service was revealed and posted on the internet, Parkop refused to address what exactly that bill was for and why his signature appeared on the bill, instructing that it be paid. 
Powes Parkop has long been a friend of Justin Tkatchenko.  Tkatchenko is infamous in his own kickback schemes, especially those involving Bill Skate, Haus Parliament, Jefferey Nape, and Justin’s little landscaping and grounds maintenance business which earned literally millions for very little apparent work. 
Again, just like with Bill Cosby’s buildup of public support by his various products and public pronouncements, Powes Parkop also built up quite a following with his flashy infrastructure for Moresby and his “get tough on the poor people” attitude that pleased all the well monied people of Moresby, including the businessmen.   No one seems to notice the outrageous cost of some of these expenses, particularly the short road in Gordon’s industrial that cost tens of millions of kina.  What?  Smells like kickback.  But the blind of Port Moresby continued to salute Powes Parkop just like millions of Americans saluted Bill Cosby as their hero.  
But had decided that all was not right with Powes Parkop, just like all was not right with Bill Cosby.   Sooner or later the axe was going to fall. 
The ‘axe’ for Powes Parkop was this week’s revelation that he is estranged from his long time wife Jean Parkop over a series of extramarital affairs, most notably with his yoga instructor (see http://www.pngblogs.com/2016/12/from-walk-for-life-to-yoga-and-right.html).   
Powes Parkop performed an admirable Bill Cosby with his replies:   
Powes Parkop Its amazing how low we willing to go to denigrate our leaders. This article is so low and trashy I have thrown it where it belongs. In the rubbish bin. But everyone don't lose focus of the bigger goal and issue Come to the rally at City Hall. We occupy the streets to get Government to endorse the Strategic Plan to Counter Gender Based Violence. Top day everyone.”
Powes Parkop Michael and all. I have lived my life with transparency and high integrity. I have never awarded contract in a dubious manner and my personal life should not be a subject of public scrutiny or debate. I refuse to descant into this low debate. I have had my last say. Judge me by my action not words.”

Bill Cosby also feigned hurt and disgust at the allegations leveled against him when only a few brave women came out with their accusations.  Once the number of accusers reached 20, 30, 40 and beyond, Cosby fell silent.    A very similar thing happened with Powes Parkop over the suspicious NCDC payments.   When the allegations were published on PNG Blogs in several articles.  See one of them here  and be especially sure to read the various comment replies to Parkop’s editorial:   http://www.pngblogs.com/2011/09/parkop-respond-to-fake-audit-report.html

Those who have followed Powes Parkop for years already have a number of examples of unethical Parkop behaviour that all tie together to paint an overall picture of Powes Parkop, Man of Deception.   Those who rarely read the newspapers and hardly ever remember anything they read, or who are easily impressed with glitter infrastructure, have continued to leap to the side of Powes Parkop, just like the various movie stars in Hollywood leaped to Bill Cosby’s defence, until more examples came out indicating a common thread to the secret life of Bill Cosby.
Well, it has only been a day since the adulterous activities of Powes Parkop came out and now we have the following reports from a man who accuses Powes Parkop of stealing his woman too.    See the screenshots below of the story of the man who lost his woman to Powes Parkop. 

After she left, the man went through his wife’s phone and found that most messages had been deleted, with this one particular message remaining as proof that his wife was communicating to Parkop.

Powes Parkop, the Cosby of Mosbi?
    Let him come forward with a full editorial and explain the relationship between himself and the woman.    If he continues to lie, Powes Parkop will trap himself in his lie as proof of the sexual relationship between him and this newest side girl comes out!

A word to the wise:   Better wake up, blind sheep, and start to smell the stink that comes out of Powes Parkop’s life and his activities to “help the people of Port Moresby”.   There is far more than meets the eye and only the foolish and gullible will continue to support him, as was true for the now disgraced Bill Cosby, widely ridiculed in America and believed by hardly anyone.