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PNGBLOGS last night broke a story on its website about a Chinese Mistress who has been returning sexual favours with two very senior government ministers in the O'Neill government as well as two very top  public servants in order to fast track payments back to Chinese companies she acted for.

Who is Ru (Dora) Lu?

Dora Lu is a 36 year old Chinese Mistress, she started her career as a Mistress in Shanghai and then moved on to Brisbane, Australia. She played a key role in comforting Ministers of State and Department heads from Papua New Guinea involved in the Petroleum and other key sectors.

She acts as an agent to lot of Chinese companies who are involved in Multi-Billion kina projects in Papua New Guinea.
Among the companies she is acting for  and is  actively involved as a conduit are:
1. Ramu 2 Hydro Power Project 15 DECEMBER 2016 NEC MEETING DEADLINE
2 COVEC (Debt Collection) liaison with the Treasury Secretary whom she has relations with.
3. Kumul Petroleum Western PL to POM Project
4. APEC House
5. Kumul Consolidated Holdings PNG Power Grid Study
6. Madang Open by Elections (Relationships with Minister Duban) financing.
7. Role as financial backer for Madang Open in 2017 General Elections
8. Port Moresby Power Station Project - 15 DECEMBER 2016 NEC MEETING DEADLINE (tomorrow)
9. Exxim Bank and Chinese SOE modus operandi
10. Track record of project delivery - nil. Value add - nil
11. Papua LNG landowner relationships
12. Gifts, gifts and more gifts! and.very giving of herself
13. Key relationships with Gary Hersey, Minister Duban, Ben Micah and William Duma

PNG Blogs also ran another story yesterday which exposed William Duma seeking bribe payments from a Chinese Energy company. Dora Lu is negotiating the payment schedule with Minister William Duma  and Gary Hersey. Negotiations started in POM with Ken Yapane, moved to Singapore and came back to POM. Dora resides on the 14th Floor of the Stanley Hotel. She is the  agent and go between for SinoHydro. Aided by her lover, Treasury Secretary Dairi Vele to the secure State Guarantee for the project that has no obvious market or customers.

While she was in Sydney last week she arranged with Karl Yalo to meet the PM in Port Moresby to arrange to displace contractors for APEC House in Port Moresby witj CAMCE, a Chinese construction conglomerate.