In 2012 the O'Neil - Dion Government passed a NEC resolution asking the Department of Defense to relocate Murray Barracks.

In 2014 both URP Leader and Mt Hagen MP William Duma and Chairman of Central Supplies and Tenders Board (CSTB) philip Eludeme went out to Manu Manu outside Port Moresby and got some land.

Philip Eludeme got 20 hectares  (ha) and MP William Duma got 800 hectares. These were old farming land thus there were state lands this saw both men apply to government to get these lands.
They then collaborated in the last 2 years to sell those land to the Department of Defense.
The Department of Defense only acquired approximately K20 million to purchase those lands. This saw their close friend Defense Minister Dr Fabian Pok come into the scene.

Duma and Eludeme cooked up a scheme to sell those Manu Manu lands to the Department of Defense.
Subsequently Duma became was appointed Minister for Public Enterprises so the scheme was now in motion.

They were plans to relocate the Lancron Naval Base in Port Moresby also.
On October 2015 the Papua New Guinea Defence Force (PNGDF) and Kumul Consolidated Holdings (KCH) signed a Memorandum of Agreement to plan for the relocation of the naval base.
Under the agreement Kumul Consolidated Holdings will facilitate and negotiate all deals to acquire the land for the relocation.

However, the fraudulent scheme would see KCH purchase the land in Manu Manu for the relocation of the Lancron Naval Base there.
The Manu Manu lands has no water frontage and you would have to go up through the river system and travel about 5-10 kilometers up the river system to access those land.
So this was already seen as a expensive development exercise for Lancron Naval Base to be relocated up to the Manu Manu lands.

However, since Duma was Public Enterprises Minister and responsible for KCH they decided to declare dividend from MVIL a sum of K61.5 million in which they put it to KCH.
They then removed a sum of K125 million from the Lae Tidal Basin project. This saw sufficient money available to complete their particular transaction of fraud.

KCH now agreed to take over the land from Lancron Naval Base in exchange of payment of K61.5 million for both piece of land in Manu Manu, Central Province.
And now the deal was completed and the money was transferred to a company owed by Minster Duma's brother in law.

CSTB Chairman Philip Eludeme also received K16.5 million for his 20ha land in Manu Manu. This funds were from paid by the Department of Defense to Eludeme.  From the K16.5 million he gave half (K8.25m) to Defense Minister Dr Pok as kick backs.
So now Minister William Duma will lead his United Resources Party  (URP) with a cash up K61.5 million in his coffer to go into the 2017 elections .