Music Industry, like the Sports Industry,should be given a thought from the Government to generate income and revenue from the raw and unique talent that it possess. Sports and Music are fairly identical talent oriented fields in which the govt has overlooked the potential in the Music Industry to fund it, nurture it, and expose it abroad combining it with our unique diverse culture and the admirable tradition that we have anywhere in the World.

Successive Govts have prioritised Billions of Kina in Sports in which I think its a complete desolate waste but should give a balanced nod on both fraternities alike. The heavily funded Sports like Rugby League, Union, Soccer, Basket Ball and others has never brought pride and jubilation to our country in the International arena.

The rewards and achievements of Gold, Silver and Bronze attained by Sporting elites has no economic value in revenue aspects for PNG but remain simple household decorations that only the family and individuals feel proud of. The Music Industry, with its growing number of Musicians, Singers, Artists, Song Writers, Audio/Sound Engineers and Producers all over the country to date has never been given recognition, amalgamated or parked alongside with genuine Govt Entities like the Culture & Tourism Dept, Tourism & Promotion Authority or the Dept of Community Development.

I see that the Music Industry contains one of the biggest number of Population it has in PNG and Govt should intervene to create a Separate Entity like the PNG Sports Federation to cater for its needs, manage its own affairs and regulate its own Policy, Laws and Constitution by properly funding and creating an Independent Entity of its own to serve the Music Fraternity and give better lives to the struggling Musicians.

 This untapped Billion Dollar Industry remains a waste to date instead of it being utilised proactively by combining it with our unique cultural diversity to get it exposed abroad on International Stages in USA, Europe, Africa, North America and the Asian Countries to generate Millions of Kina back into our country. After successive exposures and tours abroad, the PNG Music Industry has the biggest potential to capture Billions of kina back into the national purse and coffers.

 The pure PNG Music and Culture hasn't been exposed yet after some successive Tours from prominent bands like the Sanguma Band, Reks Band and the Prominent household stalwart and Highlands Veteran, Mr Pat Siwi of the Wahgi Hell Cats Band. Our Non-Renewable Resources like Gold, Oil, Gas, Silver, Copper, Nickel etc has their days numbered to end their productivity of Revenue Generation. Musical Talent, like the Sporting Talent we have, are inbuilt and rare human resource that we need to develop and utilise to see the monetary wonders it is capable of creating.