He has successfully paralysed the ability of the police, fraud squad, ombudsman commission, auditor general, etc to investigate white collar crime or leader abuse of power by strangling them financially and if necessary, shutting them down physically. He has successfully strangled the court system using his old strategy which has worked so well for his NPF fraud troubles and others in the past. Mounting endless court challenges passes time to the point the public forgets all about the case.

That's when Peter O'Neill (and Jimmy Maladina) can make a deal, through bribery or intimidation (whatever it takes) to end the court case in his favour. He has successfully castrated Parliament until it has become an easy to manipulate puppet, usually successfully warding off Vote of No Confidence Challenges by an Opposition that is tiny and ineffective. He is molding the PNG Defence Force to be top heavy in recruits from Pangia/Ialibu and NPF scandal colleague Fabian Pok's Jiwaka Province. His government has purchased radio and television media to ensure that the government propaganda dominates, and effectively paralysed the daily newspapers so that they mostly re-print whatever news media or inserts that the government gives them.

Government funds, complete with scattered secret slush funds, are firmly in the hands of PNC and allied parties. Probably most importantly, the funds are now of a dimension that was never before possible when political campaigns were funded by private donation. The 2017 election will be funded by taxpayers money, but only for PNC and other government aligned candidates. Opposing candidates do not have a chance in hell of competing, kina for kina, in getting together enough money for a fair fight against the local incumbent PNC MP.

On top of everything else, Peter O'Neill has been manipulating the upcoming election so that everything is stacked in his favour in terms of rules and regulations. His strategy of focusing on rural areas where the majority of PNG voters live, and where it is easiest to commit voter fraud without detection seals the deal. Cutting back the campaign to only 1 month makes it easier to use money to buy votes and limit debate and discussion of the issues.

Despite all this complex maneuvering, if by chance Peter O'Neill does not win enough loyal MPs to join him after the election, despite all the election rigging, we are confident that he will find some legal maneuver, such as declaring a State of Emergency to remain in power. No one works as hard as Peter O'Neill has done to dismantle the pillars of democracy (but allowing them to visually remain present, so he can keep saying that PNG is a democracy) to step down from power if he doesn't get enough MPs to support him. We are certain that he has a final card up his sleeve to allow him to make the transition to a Robert Mugabe style dictatorship. Peter O'Neill is our Prime Minister to stay, no matter what the outcome is of the 2017 election. The era of the Mao Suit clad Dictator of Papua New Guinea has arrived.
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