Mr Mahesh Patel's high level appointments to Govt positions, Chairman, Director and such of our country's largest scale, most complex SOE, prompts curiosity about his qualification suitability and caliber.

A simple check on his Linkedin bio reveals little, but education cited as "Stanford Graduate School of Business Executive Education" - what is this you ask, further inquiry reveals somewhere between a online course and a live in course with acceptance criteria being payment of a fee, and NO post nominal qualification of anything whatsoever on successful 'graduation',, not even a lowly MBA qualification. Additionally he boasts a "Diploma in Pharmacy - Central Institute of Technology New Zealand" - what is this one - it is a Certificate level course allowing individuals to be an assistant in pharmacy work, a store assistant or similar, presumably to get a trading business underway in Fiji importing 3rd grade pharmaceuticals from India to sell to Fijians, now expanded to CPL PNG.

"Stanford", "Diploma", "Pharmacy", "Director", "Chairman", are all impressive words espousing high level knowledge, wisdom, insight, experience in delivery excellence, but devoid of matching commensurate formal qualification whatsoever, with position appointments made by our 'leaders'. Incidentally, conspicuous by its absence is his real 'Stock in Trade' qualification - Trade Store operator and peddler of goods, wares and kai kai in Fiji and PNG. NO evidence of ANY Undergraduate, Postgraduate qualifications whatsoever exist, normally demanded as prerequisites for high level complex positions of State Owned Enterprises.

Other than reaping and harvesting millions to enjoy his opulent lifestyle in Australia driving his Ferrari, 'living the dream', he has become proficient in sidling up to decision makers, to win favor

Question our communities deserve answers to include, how can anyone without any qualification or related formal experience like Mr Patel, be Chairman of the most technically complex, diverse, critical, valuable Government assets and infrastructure we have, be taken seriously to lead the future needs.

Someone from Government needs to validate his qualifications and review his appointment/s.