Rita Awesa is wife number 5 or 6 according to people who know this lady from Ialibu, she another one of Works and Transport Minister and Member for Imbongu Franics Awesa's many wifes and concubines,

Rita acts as a conduit for her people in Ialibu who are supporters of Francis Awesa. Francis Awesa is a known crook from his time as Secretary to the Department of Southern Highlands, he went on to become premier of Southern Highlands Province and would later funnel away a lot of money from the provincial coffers to support his start up business in Mendi namely KIBURU LODGE and GLOBAL CONSTRUCTIONS with a MICK JEPSON.

RITA AWESA post on her  Facebook with the following:
"Nothing is impossible when you work hard to earn it. Welcome on board this white queen named HAT 666. Testing out the Markham highway during its virgin trip before leaving Wopa Country for home sweet home...."
Francis Awesa and Rita Maripa Awesa stole Imbonggu people's money and bought that vehicle to campaign for 2017. She claims its sweat money but where did she sweat her guts? This is simply unacceptable by MPs wife to post such publicity on her wall. Imbonggu people are not stupid as they are fully aware of what's happening with their DSIP for the last 10 years.

In the coming days PNGBLOGS will be publishing articles linking illegal payments from the Department of Works as kickbacks to the Minister FRANCIS AWESA, Works Secretary DAVID WERE and a very senior official we have suspicion  of handling and awarding of contracts to major companies, someone from our sources is believed to have gone under the radar is a Mr. JOHN KAIYO. We are advised that JOHN KAIYO is being floated to challenge PETER IPATAS as Governor for ENGA, He has made a killing in his role as custodian for monies coming in from ADB, WORLD BANK and IMF and he will be exposed as a crook.

They are hereby put on notice and we invite anyone of our readers with informative evidence to feel free to drop us an e-mail with your information on pngblogs@gmail.com or you an unanimously send your feedback via our Facebook or Feedback tool available on our website. As always we protect our sources.