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PART 2: Gobe PDL 3 and PDL 4 Fraudsters Strikes Again - Toale Hongiri ILG

Following a recent post published last week in PNG Blogs, the alleged Gobe Fraudsters- Toale Hongiri ILG, have strike again with another paid advertorial in Post Courier - 10/03/2017, page 40, regarding the purported fraud notice NG. 133 of the revocation of DPE Ministerial determination that was published on 23rd February 2017. This is the third time they have come out in the Media under such name as Imawe Bogasi, Souwolo, Isaweri clan, which are actually non entity's and does not represent any interest in Gobe project area.

In fact, their respective ILG had expired since 28 Feb 2017 because it did not complied to the amended Land Registration and ILG Act (2009), of which one of the key requirements was to have a registered land title. Only the Wolutou ILG have properly issued registered land title over portion of the Gobe project area and which was 'recognised' by LTC Commission through gazettal notice NG. 785 dated 19th Oct 2016. Hence, these recent attempts are work of desperate paper landowners who are trying their best to draw attention of public and other stakeholders concerned.

Let me point out that under mainstream media rules, a paid advertorial supposed to be signed by an entity or individuals concern. This, however, had been by-passed since one of their tribal clan member is a senior editor to the Post Courier - Pauline Sapake, niece to the Chairman of the Toale Hongiri ILG. She has been using her pecks & privilege to drive their (Toale Hongiri) interest. I called on the chief editor of Post Courier to investigate her for conflict of interest.

Despite all their attempts to get a Ministerial determination revoked, they have taken on themselves to forge signatories of a statutory notice, which is a serious crime. My last week post highlighted some of the defects on the notice. Note that in the their paid advertorial to Post Courier, they captured the bottom part of the signatories of the notice instrument of revocation and not the top part, which of course contains the - a missing official crest.

As stated last week, per Sect 11 and 12 of the Oil and Gas Act (1998), the Minister for DPE would have to appoint Kepsy Puiye( current acting secretary) as the Director of the Oil and Gas Act through national gazette. This, however had not happened yet. So how foolish would the Acting Secretary for DPE fall into such scheme to sign the Ministerial determination of revocation if he has no power to sign? Of course, he can't. And that, in fact, nullify the current determination of NG 133 and take this issue to amount of fraud.

I have labelled Toale Hongiri as fraud recenly since there are many evidence, one of which that highlights the issue is that the paid advertorial image shown below, which was taken out directly from a page called 'Gobe Landowners Forum'. Note, this was an 'original copy' of the paid advertorial that was posted by one Jo Gerald Tirime, son of Toale Hongiri Treasure, messrs Jason Tirime. Now one would wonder why such a kid would have possession of such "original" material and post it on a Facebook forum? You figure it out!!!