The State Solicitor performs a key role in the country. One of those functions is to clear State contracts for payment etc. The Attorney General can outsource some of the functions of the State Solicitor, such as providing advice on State negotiations etc but not the function of clearing contracts for payment by Finance and Treasury Department.  There is a good reason for it –for check and balances. When the State Solicitor clears the contractual debt, it legitimizes the transaction on behalf of the State hence an entity other than the State Solicitor cannot legitimately replace that function.

Sources within the Department of Treasury have advised that the controversial law firm –Twivey Lawyers – had been contracted by the sleazy Attorney General to usurp the powers of the State Solicitor and perform the non-delegable function of clearing contracts before Department of Treasury could pay. The request to engage the services of Twivey Lawyers came from none other than Tiffany Twivey’s boyfriend, Daire Vele, who happens to be Ano Pala’s Central Province play boy.

Imagine how many of the contracts are being cleared without any proper check and balance.

Private Interests had captured the legitimate institutions in the most grandest scale such as this under O’Neill’s corrupt regime. How long can Papua New Guinea suffer in silence and remain helpless while their country is destroyed by every ounce by unscrupulous elements like this?