The prime minister Peter O'neill and his legal advisors Powes Parkop and Ano Pala , who had so far successfully deluded , many constitutional issues since the unconstitutional formation and conduct of government since the 2nd of August , 2011, when executive government powers was usurped by a rogue and defacto government, undermining the Constitution and the decorum of the rule of law as supreme.

A Supreme Court Reference filed by the East Sepik Provincial Assembly was ruled on by the court as null and void , which yet again was ignored, with yet another unlawful conduct in passing defective legislation which barred the entry of the incumbent prime minister , Sir Michael Somare , refered to as a "stranger" in the house by the member for Bulolo, and ordered removed by the Speaker ( Nape ) in order to seize power.

A second election was conducted illegally to create confusion and by time , with lawyers , for the government and a cheap and contemptous justification written by Governor Powes Parkop, in a child like manner to justify the sabotage of the Constitution in legitimizing a defacto government.

The order of the Supreme Court , based on the findings of J Cannings was that the ESP Provincial Assembly had passed the test of locus standi and that Michael T Somare at no material time was mentally incapacitated, and continues to be , and is mentally sound, and therefore, the office of the prime minister and the Office of the Regional Member for East Sepik was never vacant at any point in time.

The ensuing struggle in rejecting the rule of law by desperate bandit type leaders had almost split the nation into pro democracy and undemocratic forces, ending with an act of treason, where armed officers of the law were commanded by O'Neills once upon a time Deputy Prime Minister, who entered the precincts of the Court Chambers and ordered the arrest of the Chief Justice in total military style.

The proceedings of SC ref 03 of 2011 remain in mortis of Res Judicature , as the principal intervenor bids farewell to the realms of public life and politics.

The master saboteur of democracy and the rule of law fell a whisker short of being a dictator , without manipulating the magic number 74 to deny citizens a free and fair election.

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