Reliable source in Singapore have confirmed to PNGBlogs that the PNG HIGH COMMISSION in Singapore was CLOSED as of TUESDAY 11th April 2017.

The PNG HEAD OF MISSION and his staff have been kicked out of their office at 1 Marine Parade, Central #08-05, Singapore 449408.

The reason being the PNG Government not being able to pay its bills and having sufficient funds to keep it's office operational.

The High Commissioner is said to be operating out of his home in Singapore as of yesterday (12/04/17) but may soon find himself and his staff kicked out of their homes anytime from today onward if bills are not paid. 

What will happen to repatriation of the whole staff etc?

Can someone close to the PNG Foreign Affairs Minister Rimbink Pato get this message to him to substantiate if this information is true and respond to this matter asap please. This issue if true will soon be another international embarrassment for PNG Government.

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