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A prominent Lawyer from Pangia in Wiru has raised his hand up for the Ialibu Pangia seat currently held by the Chief Executive Officer of PNG. Hon. Peter O'Neil and Prime Minister.
The Lawyer has featured in the Post Courier today on page 9 is Mr. Stanley Liria who is a very close friend and associate to the Governor William Powi. The governor has been cheating the Prime Minister all along for the final blessing of PNC to endorse him for the Regional Seat before the 11 hour for the Candidate Challenging the Prime Minster who is endorsed by the Governor William Powi pops up into the scene after the formalities had been cemented.
Looking back to the association of Governor- Wiliam Powi and Stanley Liria are good buddies both on the personal and business front and their relationship has further extended to politics to unseat the Prime Minister from his Ialibu Pangia seat which he held for three consecutive terms.
It is now becoming very clear on one of his meeting with his supporters late last year that he had endorsed some candidates for the open electorate in SHP is surfacing and this is an evidence of events unfolding from what he was preaching to his political cohorts who are just handful of minorities.
The Prime Minister has been told over time and time again on the intention of the Governor but he was defensive in protecting his prodigal son. This is a real test of the PMs medicine for being so protective to his country from a real leader.
Now SHP should be well aware that the Governor -William Titpe Powi is a real betrayer of his master. All along, Governor was trying to murder PNC since then. The Governor has a political marriage with the THE Party since the formation.
For the Governor to be who is was initially mandated by Don Polye via Michael Nali during the time of Late Hami Yawari 2001. No effort at all from the Peter O'neil for the Governor to come this far. Therefore, he holds a very high esteem for this two figure who gave him the land of milk and honey from the early days.
On that note, congrats Governor POWI

New friends.. Chief Joe Kobol another PNC candidate for SHPG