Jubilee Institute of Higher Education  (JIHE) is an approved AOG Church owned higher learning education institution based in Port Moresby,  Rainbow Campus.  It was established by the AOG Church in 2006 as an educational ministry arm of the church.

In 2008 it was declared a university by the Somare government but downgraded to a higher learning institution for lack of basic infrastructure .

Over time it had its share of problems inflicted on it by persons with fraudulent motive . One such example is the diversion of a K5m from a Sepik Trust fund to the Institution's bank account by the then Finance Secratary Thaddeus Kambanei.  When the high profile Finance Commission of Inquiry asked the then Church Supretendent Rev Tony Dalaka,  he said he doesn't have any single knowledge of how and why such an amount of money was diverted into the institution bank account or how it disappeared over night.

By the grace or God , JIHE managed to keep its head above waters despite these challenges.

In 2013, JIHE then re-started the process of accreditation to be recognized by the government again for funding purposes and higher education status recognition.

In 2014 the State, through the Department of Higher education,  Research , Science and technology  (DHERST ) gave the program accreditation under the leadership of then Director Mr. Frank Maru.

In 2015 the same former Finance Secratary,  Thaddeus Kambanei is employed by JIHE as the head of the business school,  with a purported PHD he claims to have. Records show he has a DBA, one step higher than MBA- a general knowlege in business administration. Up to now he has yet to produce copies of his thesis.

In April of 2015, he takes over the role of Director under some illegal set up of a governing council headed by a prominent Papua New Guinean.

On the 27th of September 2016, he uses three relatives of his to register a business name known as AOG Jubilee Institute of Higher Education (AOG JIHE). He adds the word 'AOG' infront of an existing business name JIHE. He did this with an intention to defraud  the State,  the AOG Church,  students , parents , sponsors and other stake holders. Log on to the IPA website for extracts and certificates.  The AOG and all stake holders were not aware of such a change .

In 2017 his strategic fraud plan materializes . The state invites JIHE  (not AOG JIHE ) in December 2016 to be on the selection of Grade 12. He intentionally uses one of the owners of AOG JIHE to go and do the selections .

The relative/owner selects more than 300 students from Grade 12 around the country .

In January Offer letters and acceptance letters are sent to the more than 300 students on the letter head of a new AOG JIHE and are told to pay K16,000 before enrolment which the students including continuing students paid. They are non-TESAS students-no scholarships

The fees set byThaddeus Kambanei is the highest among any tertiary institution in PNG including UPNG,  Unitech,  DWU, PAU, IBS, UOG  etc...

When students enroll at first day of school they find no textbook, no printers,  photocopiers,  library,  computer labs, no ceiling fans in classrooms,  no proper decent meal etc......

In April 2017 the problems get worse when he and his deputy Director Sam Kari decide to be involved in politics.

Thaddeus Kambanei and Sam Kari are President and Deputy president respectively of the New Generation Party led by Hon Bire Kimisopa. They are using students money to do their political business.

Sam Kari is one of the academics kicked out of UOG for fraud and mismanagement there. Thaddeus Kambanei is the former finance secratary who approved bogus claims by Paul Paraka Lawyers. We have criminals running a higher learning institution.

The students now become fully aware that they won't complete their academic year. They also are fully aware now that they have paid their hard earned money into a fraudulently set up Business Name in AOG JIHE.  Thaddeus Kambanei and his friends received money as school fees from innocent students fraudulently.

The AOG Church has made it very clearly that they are not aware of such a massive fraud and that they are not involved.

We the students now want full refund of our money. We will do mass withdrawal this week and give 7 days to Thaddeus Kambanei to refund all our money.

We know he doesn't have the money to refund .

As we write we have a frightening K300,000 sitting in the bank account.  This week is pay week , and a little over a K100,000 will go into salary. That will leave us with a K200,000 or less. How can you complete an academic year with this kind of money? Where did the more than 4 million kina that came in school fees go to? We demand an investigation by appropriate authorities.

To our parents , sponsors, the state , and all stake holders,  we the students are now a victim of a cleverly designed fraud from a so called former finance secretary Thaddeus Kambanei.

Lawyers who are willing to provide counsel to the affected students at JIHE please contact us via our Facebook page and we will connect you with the student reps. 

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