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PNC’s “out-of-touch-with-reality” multi-million kina campaign run by Australians

So for the PNC, its not about policies and the people but about staying in power. Policies come second and people come last.   It really doesn’t matter what is said on their Facebook page.
The campaign costing millions of   kina is run by a group of Australians who are taking their que from a handful of ‘coconuts’ and ‘Oreos’ who don’t really understand Papua New Guinea themselves.
The tone of the FB page is elitist and blatantly suggests that Papua New Guineans are simple creatures who respond to bright warm colors and the hashtag #PNC4PNG plagiarized from the students they suppressed in the #UPNG4PNG/UOT4PNG campaign.
Another post praises Justin Tktachenko for his dance moves while another proclaims that PNG and Tewai Siassi is with Mao Zeming, the Deputy leader of the PNC.