I understand there are a number of series of articles that I have yet to complete unfortunately recent events have given me reason to write about a more pressing issue that is not only of national interest but national security.
The issues I'm about to write about will be the most compelling, disturbing and complex of all the articles I have written about so far.
A week ago I ran into a friend who asked me a rather confronting question, given that all my articles expose high-level corruption what do I do to address the security risks that come with it.
The friend was a foreign national who came from a region of the world where people who report on similar issues are typically assassinated in an effort to silence them.
My response was I do nothing, because it is inevitable. Once you accept the fact you will mostly certainly be killed for a cause you believe in then there is no point wasting time worrying about it. The only issue for me is how much I can achieve before it happens.
I explained to him the real threat is not our corrupt Government as they are typically stupid and incompetent, the real threat are foreign nationals who remain in the shadows and pull the strings. They are the ones running our country, their primary interest is ensuring our corrupt politicians remain in power so that they may have access to and benefit from PNG's vast natural resources.
Now it is not to say that all foreign nationals are only in PNG to rip us off, there is certainly many more who consider our country their home and have fallen in love with our people and culture.
The bad ones are like our corrupt politicians who could care less about the plight of our people, they are driven by greed and seek only to enrich themselves. They do so with little concern that it comes at the expense of everyday Papua New Guieans dying for lack of basic health services.
It is their primary objective that we remain ignorant to what is really happening behind the scenes and that our corrupt politicians remain in power facilitating their every need.
I explained to my friend that when you go head to head with a corrupt Government you will typically be subjected to five stages or risk.
The first they will try to buy you off by offering you a bribe or Government contract.
Failing stage one, the second being they will try find dirt on you, threatening to expose you if you don't back down.
Third, they will threaten you
Forth, they will have you arrested on false charges in an effort to use the system to have you locked up.
Fifth, they will have you killed.
I made the point I had been through all of the first four stages and only left anticipating the fifth.
However the events the last week confirmed I had left out one stage and that this the people you care about would also be targeted.
As only days later a person dear to me started to receive death threats from an unknown number.
On Monday evening on 24th April 2017 the day before I was to nominate she was tracked down to Pacific International Hospital in Port Moresby where she was seeking medical treatment.
As she walked outside the hospital entrance she was viciously attacked by two men, she was punched to the ground and repeatedly kicked in the head.
Now the circumstances that to led her attack and what followed I will explain in some detail in the articles to come, circumstances that will certainly leave you disturbed.
For now all you need to know is that I suspended my campaign and arranged for her to flown out of the country for her own safety.
In part 2 of this article I intend to cover evidence that suggests that our Government has engaged foreign nationals to spy on its own citizens, with the capability of hacking and remotely controlling one of most sophisticated phones in the world (I phone 7).
Evidence that suggests that our citizens are being trained by foreign nationals in the field of intelligence gathering, extortion and State sponsored espionage.
I will cover the circumstances that led to my arrest in November 2014 for conspiracy to commit attempted murder in a failed effort to silence me, the evidence that confirms the charges were falsified the people behind it.
I will also cover the introduction of the recently passed cyber-crime the true intent behind the legislation and those who are behind it.
Further I will explain how high-level corruption works in the PNG and how they get away with it. Lastly we answer the question is Peter O'Neill really running our country or mere puppet to those he seeks advice from?
Make no mistake the issues are real and every Papua New Guinea needs to take stock as it may be only chance to take PNG back.

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