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Jackson Amaiu who is Port Moresby North East MP's brother made a substantial deposit of K20,000 into the personal account of POM North East Return Officer Mr. THOMAS RANGO.

A Bank teller who wanted to remain anonymous  has come fort with startling evidence of the money depositied in the RO's personal account number. 1004420236. With this revelation in place, The NCD Election Manager who is also embroiled in controversy after beating up scrutineers this week should act quickly and sideline the Returning Officer and order an investigation into Mr Thomas Rongo.

PNC is losing this election, people across the country have spoken through the ballot process, only a handful of candidate in the Highlands and some part of Central and Milne Bay have gone with the incumbents.

With more losses coming PNC will do anything to stay in power and have the keys to the vault to move money to make government. We appeal to patriotic Papua New Guineans who believe in the future of this country to step forward if you have been asked to do something illegal. We thank you this person who has come forward to show that LABI AMAIU is a crook and like his crook boss will do anything to return to power.