By observation, the counting for Kandep Open Electorate In Enga Province is set against the Sitting MP  Don Polye to fail miserably at all cost and by all means.

Counting resumed on the 13th July in Wabag Primary School Officiated by the Kandep RO Mr. Besave. It is widely speculated and believed that boxes discharged for counting are handpicked from various wards containing the base votes for an Intending Candidate and PNC Party nominee Mr. Alfred Luke Manase, leaving the remaining ballot boxes for Hon. MP and Opposition Leader Mr. Don Pomb Polye yet to be counted.

With the remaining boxes at risks of being tempered or destroyed, the chance is whoever is leading to be declared outright and writs to be returned before 24th July which is the deadline date set for writs to be returned.

Whoever that is giving directions or being behind the curtain to master the event knows very well that by doing so will place the PNC CANDIDATE in the lead before other plans for disruption and hijack can follow suit to allow for an outright declaration on the lead.

It is obvious following on the chain of events transpired in the last 3 to 4 days on the streets of Wabag Town to the Counting Room and claims on Social Media.
The remaining ballot boxes which contains most of Hon. Don Polye's votes is on the brink of disaster or might not make it to the tally board.

After counting 60 ballot boxes Alfred Luke Manase is leading with 16053 votes Don Polye in trailing second place with 14337 votes a difference of 1716 votes.
Whilst the remaining ballot boxes are yet to be counted, strings are being pulled to disarray and defuse the counting process.

On Thursday night 20th July around 9:00pm whilst supporters of various candidates including the two factions from Kandep were in Wabag Town with security forces guarding the containers containing the raw ballot boxes, Alfred Manase’s supporters attacked Don Polye's men which resulted in a fight with several shots fired. Security forces guarding the containers quickly intervened and contained the fight, the security forces later discovered that shots were fired from a 78 model green 10 seater lander cruiser.

Another of the strings pulled behind curtains was to dishonestly dispute the boxes of Puli 1 and Puli 2 by scrutineers representing Alfred Manase. Counting Officials also went on a rampage destroying a ballot box and counting room without a proper reason, they were immediately arrested and are locked up in Wabag Police Station cell.

Two other vehicles belonging to Alfred Manase’s supporters that were suspected to have discharged firearms and instigating violence have been apprehended by the security forces.

Furthermore, a recent planned ambush by Alfred Manase’s Gunmen and supporters on Don Polye's supporters have resulted in 2 civilian and 2 Police deaths and critically injuring another person of Polye's supporter and a Members of Police SSD MS 06. The gunman after wounding and killing the 3 officers in front of their temporary resident at Sangurap street went on to kill another Polye's man and wounding another. He was later killed by Police (picture insert)

These intentions are now known to the authorities and further deliberations will lead to arrests if required .

Counting is ordered to continue by EC and Enforcement Officers earlier but due to the incident (failed ambush and killing) a fresh decision is eminent.

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