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The PNC ghost candidate in Moresby North-West, Joe Tonde suddenly seems to be in desperate need of cash. He withdrew K4.5 million from his bank this week. at the same time as eliminations for MNW are further delayed by Peter O’Neill’s favourite puppet on a string, Gamato the Tomato.
Tomato’s stalling tactics are deliberate. Mainly they open the door to more vote-rigging through bribery of election officials (Tomato is always first in line with his hand out) and tampering with ballot boxes and papers.
Tonde (PNG One Nation Party) needs to fill boxes and boxes with the fake and duplicate papers PNC has supplied him if he hopes to beat Sir Mek and Lohia Boe Samuel from Hanuabada.
His only hope is for Tomato and his crooked team to give him the time to do it, which he has now got.
Tonde can also get past election security through his PNC contacts and his business partner and mentor John Pundari (they have a security business).
Tonde also needs his millions in cash to keep the elimination rounds delayed for as long as he can so that his big boss Peter O’Neill does not have to face Sir Mek in the contest to form Government.
O’Neill is running scared of Sir Mek and his proposed Independent Team and wants to prevent Sir Mek’s declaration till after the 24th when writs start being returned.
O’Neill does not fear anyone else, only Sir Mek, who has outsmarted him ever since they began fighting over PNG Sustainable. Sir Mek is the only leader with the guts and the smarts to take down O’Neill.
Oneill’s only hope is to get Tonde and Tomato to delay the declaration of MNW and also stop Sir Mek from taking his seat in the House for when the PM is elected.
It is for these purposes that Tonde has withdrawn his K4.5 million.