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Alotau camp is not in harmony & confidence of a bright future as anticipated. PNC Media Propaganda is done by experts in manipulating public opinion so we don't know what's really happening behind closed doors and Alotau camp.

Ol money worshipping MP Elects harim K5 Million cash up for grabs in Alotau camp with all logistics paid for na ol go however right now cash ino kamap lo han blo ol yet;  only assurance.
Many who went for koble are regretting NOW.

It's practically impossible to distribute more than 350 Million in cold hard cash (K5 Million per MP + Gamato, Baki, Lupari, Bakani, Dadae) or by Bank Account Transfer to all the recipients within 1 week before parliament resumes to elect Speaker & PM. Sir Mek knows how precisely O'Neill will manipulate the system to transfer the payments because Sir Mek was MD of PNGBC & Governor of Central Bank that's why O'Neill is intent on hijacking the process to removed Sir Mek hence the attempt on Sir Mek's life yesterday & secret return of Writs to GG which includes Tonde's name as MNW MP!

Gamato didn't get his koble on time so out of frustration he refused to accept Powi's declaration to signal O'Neill to PAY UP OR ELSE...

All these f**kheads in Alotau plus BPNG Governor, Gamato, GG, Lupari, Finance Sec, etc are there for nothing but money and they need more than K5million hard cash before they vote!

Did you see the look in Muthuvel's face yesterday evening on TVWan when O'Neill was interviewed in Alotau? Even his speech on key policy for Alotau Accord to raise tax was a fumble up and total giveaway! How can you borrow heavily to fund only Pom City and ask those who couldn't afford to benefit from the Loans to repay? PNGeans are not stupid dumbs to be fooled by this bullshit 2nd Alotau Accord! That speech shows a man under immense stress uttering mindlessly to the world!

If PNC has the number to form the 10th Parliament, there should be smile & jubilation in the faces of Alotau & PNC MPs but the message was very clear there & written all over their faces! Doom & Gloom in Alotau Camp.

O'Neill knows that by Law he will not be PM Nominee because of his Sunday voting has reached the highest COURT already.

That's why he came to Pom unannounced yesterday;  to facilitate Alotau MP's Cash Payment and to get advice from the Court regarding his verdict on Sunday voting.
To Make matters worse, PNG Banks are cash strapped because Asians are not banking their cash in our commercial banks.

These are grim realities facing the Alotau camp.
Compare the pictures of the Kokopo Alliance Camp. It's All smiles and Jubilation of the new government in formation.

PNC MPs know that O'Neill lied to pay them and the Coalition Partners K2m each to stay in government during the last VoNC so Micah crossed the floor and later Pruaitch later left.
We know Chan, Parkop & Duma's reason for being in Alotau. Duma can cross the floor with URP if  his needs are met including the Top Post + ensuring Wingti is in Opposition with O'Neill.