Empower the Youths or face the ramification : From a Internal Security Perspective.


Planet Shakers ' a gospel concert turn into a mob gathering as youths take absolute control and third night cancel for security reasons.

The aftermath outcome of the concert in NCD resulted in the news of rape, killing, assault, bag snatching, drunken brawl, harassment etc, etc, as neighbors within the vicinity hear nothing but 'gun shots and, tear gas.

What does it tell us?

This picture itself tells a thousand stories of the grim reality of the potential looming danger of PNG's internal security which also has the potential to ignite national security threats.

It is estimated about 85% of PNG's population are made up of youths between the ages of 15-45 years of age and this is the most active age group.

In PNG, in metropolitan cities Port Moresby, Lae and Mt Hagen, there is widespread social disorder like crime and prostitution associated with socioeconomic factors like unemployment, school drop outs, rural urban drifts etc.

It's now public knowledge, NCD's Gordons market area has been hijacked and is a no go zone, as commuters/citizens enter this area at their own risk.

Near by Police station is powerless so as Governor Powes Parkop and Port Moresby North East MP John Kaupa cannot do anything to guarantee safety.

The Government must now be serious to address this 'burning' issue concerning our active youth group as they are capable of doing anything and we are truly sitting on a potential time bomb, if not address it will explode and the detrimental effect will be severe.

Right now the economic situation in the country is really gloomy, coupled with depleting foreign reserves, escalating increases in goods and services, public hospitals running out of essential drugs, widespread fear of police by citizens, depressing news of rampant corruption, and the announcement by National Government to ban employment in public service.

The environment in PNG is truly fertile for a social disorder and potential rebellion should there be any ignition to trigger this event.

Our internal security is truly in danger as the Government really needs to re-evaluate the situation on the ground and provide immediate policy options in partnership with our development partners to address this issues of uncontrol youth population.

Empower the youths now, before we lose grip of our country, as this is the most important age groups and active agents of change.

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