PNG Govt Oil Search Shares held by KUMUL Holdings "SOLD" with K100 million deal but what about the loss if you look at it closely.....there is a huge coverup here clearly all done in secrecy just for the interest of FOREIGNERS in PNG.

Peter O'Neill was at the UN General Assembly meeting in New York and secretly flew to Houston Texas. Home of Exon-Mobil ....my contacts in Texas USA told me ... that is a Dangerous Move ... effectively Exon-Mobil is trying to gain grounds in the PNG Oil & Gas sector by strategically doing behind the scene deals by providing advice and using the power of the media which they control to cover the truth. They already played their games by having a "powerful dictator" in place and soon another small powerful dictator in the seat of HELA, then they will effectively control everything.

Other investors in the sector like TOTAL, REPSCO and others who have interest in PNG Gas & Oil Fields will be bought out by Exon-Mobil, they will pack up and leave the door open and closed behind them for a single player....EXXON-MOBIL.

Lookup the internet about the dirty tactics applied by Exxon-Mobil everywhere they go....they play dirty, manipulative games and interfere in the sovereignty of States...they have the PNG Prime Minister in their hands and by the BALLS ....why did 12 MPs from the Opposition cross over to be with Govt ....well it is going to become much clearer and more interesting soon....to effectively have TOTAL CONTROL OF GOVERNMENT AND SHUTOUT ANY VOICE FROM THE OPPOSITION.

Governor for Gulf Hon. Chris Sevese Haiveta was heard saying that, NO PIPELINE OUT OF GULF ?? ..for how long will he keep saying that ...Exon-Mobil knows very well how to make the Carrot Sweeter.

Just watch & See How It Turns Out !!!! FIDA ONIL + EXON-MOBIL ARE NOW IN CONTROL.

THE LAST LINE OF DEFENSE IN THE PARLIAMENT IS THE OPPOSITION and outside of the Parliament and on the streets and in the Provinces and US ...yes YUMI.

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