PM begged Kange's tribe for support in order to win but also compromised to their demand to have wife killer released


Felix Kange hails from Maia Village which is about two kilometers from Pangia Station, Southern Highlands Province. The village is made up of 3 council wards.It is a village that has produced more than 300 University & other Tertiary institution graduates and well over 10 millionaires.

Felix Kange is the son of Former Ialibu/Pangia MP, Mr. Pundia Kange(1982-1987)  & chief of Maia Village & Ialibu/Pangia District. People in this village including Pundia Kange has got much bigger influences in previous elections, both in open and regional seats. 

They have been seen as the power brokers for this electorate, given this influence support was desperately needed by O'Neill to win in this years election. Peter O'Neill reached out to get their support and in doing so he submitted to their (Maia) demands after meeting them before the elections and was happy to meet what they wanted in order to gain their support. 

Peter O'Neill submitted to them and asked them to support him so that he can do whatever they ask for. The Maia Community leaders secretly meet with  Peter O'Neill before the National election and demanded the Prime Minister to release Mr.Felix Kange before the election period if he wants their support during election Period.

During the campaign period, Peter O'Neill was facing the stiffest challenge from Lawyer Stanley Liria and he was totally under extreme pressure because most of his supporters especially youths were shifting towards Stanley Liria. Peter O'Neill continuous lies and false promises towards his people made them to lose faith and confidence his leadership.

Peter O'Neill knew very much that he has a slim chance of winning the election so he used every means and ways to win back the seat, that including rigging, hijacking, floating of extra ballot papers, and most common one was bribery. He pours in millions of Kina days before campaigning, like K60,000 was given to each council ward throughout the electorate, i.e,96 wards x K60,000=K5,760,000

He hire more than 100 cars for a rate of 800/day for 8 weeks(56 days), i.e, 56 x 800 x 100=K4,480,000.

He was distributing all the vehicle to his campaign managers with an undisclosed amount of money.

Campaign coordinators of Ialibu Basin, Kewaibe, East Pangia, South Wiru & Koware were all given K500,000 each to cater for the voter's needs and bribery. He even bought grey new Ten seater for Ialibu/Pangia returning officer (RO) Micheal Arindo.

In the process of scrambling, he lost his temper and hit current chairman Of PNG Ports, Mr. Nathaniel Poya & current deputy  Chief of Staff Mr. Colli. Punupo with an offcut plank for misusing one million Kina. They all hails from same Kawo Village.

More than 20 million Kina was spent by Peter O'Neill in his electorate to retain his seat.

Peter O'Neill did not intend to lose his seat so he used every means necessary including agreeing with the with Maia Leaders to use his authority and have the Corrections and Judiciary system compromise with him and release first Degree Murder, Mr. Felix Kange.

Felix Kange is now free to roam Port Moresby while others who have been convicted in the likes of Dr. Theo Sause and Justin Parker are back in the slammer bidding their time.

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