THAT ONE HOW? Em dispela you askim yu yet,  ANUBHAV YADAV or ANU as he is commonly known is the middleman who is playing his cards right, he is from the new generation of the "fixer" class, emulating JIMMY "THE SPIV" MALADINA, but he is very careful, his way  of doing business is now exposed by PNGBLOGS, but we are a little too late, his business dealing now show he is a multimillionaire including the purchase of a 1.4 million dollar property in at Beecroft, New South Wales, Australia. From exporting Timber ( to Central Supplies (linked with O'Neill's known accomplice PHILIP ELUDEME) We layout his list of companies to know who this guy is but first a brief of how he operates from a previous post:
Yadav plays the PNG Politicians very well. He knows the political dynamics well too so he plays all of them against each other. He gets information from one Politician and goes and sells it to another where he feels he will gain more. Except for Belden Namah, with whom he has incredible loyalty to, Yadav buys and sells all the politicians all day, every day, even the PM.
Yadav knows the 2 most important ways to get into the confidences of the Politicians; money, and women. Yadav pimps for politicians and will play fetch for them. He will pay top dollar to get foreign prostitutes and even procuring married women in Port Moresby for Ministers, Chairmen, and CEOs of State-owned enterprises. He is the cause of several marriage breakdowns already in Port Moresby.  He gets State Minister's women and money, and he slithers into their confidence first, and once there, he starts demanding what he wants, and they cannot say NO.
When they don’t give him what he wants he goes and spills the beans on what he gave and to whom.
For example, recently a certain Chairman didn’t give him what he wanted, so he started spreading the word that he arranged a beautiful Indian prostitute for the Chairman when he visited India, and began to mimic the Chairman’s behavior on the day after, to the hilarity of his listeners. In his wallet, he carries a wad of passport sized photos of prostitutes he uses to bait the poor hapless PNG politicians.

Thanks to the PNGi Portal we are able to string together all his companies and business dealings,

Anu Yadav was a poor struggling student in Sydney in his early 20s when as fortune would have it, he met Belden Norman Namah at the Star City Casino. Anu was an underprivileged Indian student sent by his maternal uncle to go to school in Australia. Instead of studying, he willed his days away at the Casino where he met Namah,  and instantly, the Cobra became canine, wagged his tail non-stop and did everything he was commanded, including playing “fetch” for Namah.

Namah was a little crude those days and the things Yadav was asked to fetch were sometimes far-fetched, but to Yadav nothing was impossible. Namah and Yadav became friends, or more like Yadav became Namah’s errand runner and go-to boy. Yadav called him “Boss”.

Over the years Namah has done several projects in which Yadav is still to date the front for Namah. Yadav holds many secrets for Namah and is very loyal to him. The title Boss has now slowly evolved to a more comfortable “Bro”. During the crazy impasse days, Yadav was running errands between Jimmy Maladina and Namah and spent many nights in the car keeping watch while his boss entered several houses in the city that he frequented in early hours of a night, and God only knows what he was doing inside.

Yadav set up several freezer containers and a secured yard opposite the Dem School/ In-Service College just adjacent to the Stadium in Gordons. He once operated a frozen meat business for Namah there, has an office, runs many small enterprises, and lives in the other facilities there.

Recently,  when the results of the last elections came in, Yadav was by his Bro Belden’s side in the Opposition camp, was working his two phones hard, tried to get as many Candidates to join Namah, Kua and the now Opposition to form the government. When Yadav realized they didn’t have the numbers to form the government, he quietly slithered away from Namah and (now) opposition camp, and under cover of darkness crawled right back into ONeill camp. No one noticed.

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