The real story behind this and now details coming in the open is Felix Kange was caught with his pants down having sex with his late wife's sister, while the late wife and some other friends were in the car waiting to go out partying on that fateful Friday night. 

He had ran back to the house to pick up something but went to his sister in law's room and started having a romp, a few minutes went by and he did not show up in the car and the late wife being suspicious went back inside the house to check, she found her sister's door locked and head moans and groans coming from inside, he had no way of escaping, he got busted by his late wife deep inside his sister in law, out of his shame and from the arguments that followed he took out his side arm and released a round on his wife. 

With all the ill-gotten millions he got via stealing from the state through various false claims he paid off his in-laws not to sue and bought them all out, no one wants this to continue because of the shame the family will get knowing Felix was having a sexual relationship with his sister in law as well. So this matter according to the slain wife's family is dead.

Now in the end  what took place was willful murder by Felix Kange and he has somehow bought his way out of PNG's FUCKED UP JUSTICE SYSTEM

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