Does PNG have emergency response and rescue teams?

Emergency response and rescue teams back disciplined forces are the first lot of people in any disaster areas of any country on earth. The emergency response n rescue teams rescue n repatriate the injured, those in arms way n retrieve the dead while the diciplined forces provide security.

In PNG, we have seen many times before where we clearly have no emergency response teams. If we do, then they are clearly not up to the task. They are either poorly trained, poorly equipped or physically handicapped etc. Because of this many lives have been lost amongst other things throughout PNG at sea or on land.

For the recent earthquake disaster in Hela n SHP, at least in the Aiya LLG of the Kagua Erave electorate, there is still no sign of these emergency response teams to this moment.
It is believed that the same is the case in nearly the whole of or many parts of the affected provinces.
There are images from Hela( see photo below on right) where the people themselves are digging around to retrieve the dead.

While this is heartbreaking, photos of leaders from the affected provinces taking selfies with their tumbs up n smiling leaders enjoying luxury while heading to these areas circulated on social media ( photo also attached below on left). These leaders are probably in these disaster areas ahead of the most important people, the rescue teams n the disciplined forces.

Well, such situations should teach us a lot of lessons n the first is to have a well trained, well resourced n fit emergency team that will respond in a moment's notice.

The second is for leaders to thread carefully on how you present yourselves when attending to situations like this. Also, leaders should not turn themselves into rescue teams n front up first in disaster zones bkos you can't retrieve the dead or injured.