"LOVE TRIANGLE GONE WRONG" "Susan Merrell moving on from Belden Namah to Peter O'Neill to Powes Parkop".

By Sonja Barry Ramoi
'The woman Papua New Guineans love to hate', who was a friend who became a foe after I told her off about a particularly rude and pretty much inexcusable comment she made about Belden Namah in 2013, has been deported from Papua New Guinea.
Susan Merrell - aka Ferrell Merrell, aka Floozy Doozy Suzy (or however which way she wants to spell it) - is so far up herself that she must be off her rocker to blame the Prime Minister for her deportation, and also to mention me in her post today.
Her deportation is not the PM's doing, and it also had absolutely nothing to do with me.
Yes I did report her to the Judiciary (possibly in 2015) for certain comments of hers which I found contemptuous, and I believe that I recommended that she be blacklisted. However I am certainly not the only person who has recommended in the past that she be blacklisted.
As for her official surname (not Merrell) being flagged, I have known about her official surname for years and I am sure, especially since I knew what name she travels on, that other people from PNG would also have known.
I have not yet contacted the Chief Immigration Officer Solomon Kantha to confirm the reason why she was deported.
It appears however according to a copy of a post by Susan Merrell which was sent to me (earlier tonight), that she did not fill out her visa application form upon arrival correctly, and therefore it seems that she did not disclose to Immigration the true purpose of her visit and that’s why she was told to leave PNG.
Immigration may have deported her for making a false declaration.
Her multitude of enemies - especially the ones (dozens upon dozens over the years) who have called for her in the past to be deported or banned or blacklisted - should be celebrating and rejoicing that Susan Merrell finally got deported.
It was a long time coming, however her many enemies as well as her many supporters have been strangely silent on social media.
Contrary to public perception, to my knowledge (and I have posted about this before in 2016) she never worked for the PM.
However, I understand that she wanted a job working for the PM, and after she was rejected changed her tone on social media and started spending time supporting Governor Powes Parkop instead.
Maybe she is after a job with Governor Parkop and that’s why she went back to PNG only to end up getting deported.
Anyway to my knowledge the PM has never communicated with the woman, although she gave the impression - just like she gave the impression that she knows Belden Namah well - that she knows the PM.
You got fooled Susan, and it was bloody hilarious. I need not say more.