We are a country made up of lazy citizens.
About 75% of the total population are unproductive and live in the urban settings as opportunists. They live in settlements and peripheries of the urban centers totally dependent on their working relatives and or are just aimlessly residing off someone else's shelter without purpose.

How can the country develop and be economically independent when the bulk of its population are lazy and live by chances and opportunities?

GDP per capita is a measure of the total output of a country that takes gross domestic product (GDP) and divides it by the number of people in the country. The GDP is useful when the bulk of its citizens are productive, because it shows the relative performance of the citizens per output per year.

Our country's productivity is dependent on the economic activities that are conducted in the formal and informal sectors where revenue is driven to support the government's budgetary allocation on an annual basis. Year in year out we have a very few population sweating their guts working whilst the rest are just free riders.

Our forever guessing game that our population is 7million people is untrue. Statistically it has blown out of reasonable proportion. There is a massive blow out in our population growth circumstantially due to opportunistic approaches by our lazy unproductive citizens. It can be anticipated that in the next 5 years from now children from broken homes will dominate the cities and towns making it difficult to control and lawlessness will be on the rise.

Whilst the rural urban drift forever swelling like high tide thinking there's easy living in the towns and cities, there's no government control mechanism to suppress this.

The government must draw a line somewhere to devise control mechanisms to control the free flow and wayward movements of unproductive citizens into urban centers.

On the law and order parameters, unattached citizens with no fixed addresses and backgrounds are the very ones causing problems by either ending up in hospitals or prisons stressing the government's budget medicating and feeding them whilst the productive citizens keep stressing out from their forthrightly salaries paying hefty tax to balance the imbalance economic equation.

Whilst having said that, I can stress that it is manageable and can be controlled through properly controlled policies. We are a young growing and under developed country and for us to develop and progress forward is to control our population and task them to be self reliant and productive.

The most powerful resource in any development parameters is the human resource. The most accomplished investment any government can boast about is its human capital.

Are our citizens empowered? Are they equipped and resourceful enough to utilize their skills and talents for our common good and nation building?

The government is as good as dead in its ignorance to empower its citizens. The government cannot develop the country alone, but needs her citizens to develop the nation through cooperative challenges and efforts.

In the midst of our crisis, the government needs to settle down and reassess the potency in its human resource development and empower them to contribute meaningfully to nation building rather than stressing out on a handful few shouldering excessive tax burdens and liabilities.