Central Province Rotten Public Service - Bala Kapa's blatant abuse of process in the recruitment of family members

“The recent recruitment exercise after last years (2017) advertisement of positions has seen a lot of nepotism mostly in the provincial administration. People who are not qualified are given senior positions and immediate families of the current HR Advisor – Mrs. Gari Vaburi and Deputy Provincial Administrator -Corporate Services -Mr. Bala Kapa. DPA corporate services - a person from Rigo….is in charge of the corporate sector which includes, Planning division, HR division, Finance and IT division.

Bala Kapa was a former HR Advisor who handpicked Gari vaburi to be his puppet….She does not have a valid qualification…not even a Diploma except for some certified courses at IPA(Institute of public administration)..she started off in HR as a typist…

Mr…Bala Kapa is responsible for the recent termination of Very experienced senior officers to accommodate his children to following positions:

1.       Last born son  –  Junior Kapa  - Staff clerk – HR Division

2.       Daughter – – Zilla Kapa – Tourism Officer  - Commerce Division

3.       Son     --  systems administrator --- IT Division

Mrs Gari vaburi has appointed her husband Mr. Vaburi – someone who has been babysitting their children over the years - to work in the Hiri district Administration

She has also appointed her own cousin as Administration assistant in the HR division both without proper qualifications.