Gulf Public Service Selection rigged Payroll

by Kakemarn Arobian Kia The top positions of 60 positions advertised. Its two Deputy and District Administrators and Division Advisors and LLG Managers. The closing date was 28 February. Unknown to all public and DPM the crooked Provincial Administrator extended it by weeks for his cronies to apply. Seeing that most serving cronies are Cermostate and Diploma holders from dubious schools. Marc Avai put Circular in Kerema only to extend closing dates by two weeks and asked for police and medical report. The general public who applied by 28 February did not know about third new criteria. So now. From reliable sources; it cost K700,000 to screen and select these top positions in Gulf Province. More than half a million and still appointment pending. This is Gulf peoples money and needs updates by now, how far this private consultant has gone so far? Are we close to knowing these top positions now? HR should update us on this site. Other confidential matters not good for public knowledge can withhold but for public interest sake, we need to know the latest now. Bills getting closer to a million now Whether DPM was aware of illegal extensions Concept HR was hired by Marc Avai without public tender. For those who responded to a public advertisement by 28 February are automatic exclusion because they were not aware of private notice in Kerema for Police and Medical Reports... Last week Marc Avai with Crooked HR Manager who is Grade Eight leaver with Concept HR after excluding all qualified and others from Gulf who challenge his crook deals took it to Hideaway Hotel. The DPM and Provincial Affairs Department were hoodwinked that PA had followed the process and used Concept HR to finalise appointment of his cronies. Some applicants want the Ombudsman Commission OC to come down to Gulf or connect with reliable sources inside the finance and Provincial administration. More to justify here, many divisions got budget cut and still waiting for the recruitment to complete here. Still in confusing how far they have got and huge bill renders to one service provider here. The Gulf P Administration in charge of the process using the Public Service Management Act and General Orders. Sending out acknowledgement letters and also rejection letters before proceeding to candidates ranking and profiling of top ten candidates and then interview and involvement of DPM in selection hearing is a requirement Kantri Pati how long will it take since our country facing a financial crisis? A private consultant is very expensive to accommodate for a period of time here. Kantri Pati said it is the public service machinery that deals with it as stated here. If you in Kerema, enquire with HRD and HR consultants can be involved when a Register of Applicants are completed, acknowledgement sent out or those who have incomplete applications are advised and profiling is done so they can verify the process and apply merit-based checks on the profile and DPM, GPA and Department of Provincial Affairs come for actual interview and selection. While the PA lives and operates from Ela Beach Hotel we just heard soon, n soon but days turn into weeks n months now n already divisions complaining of budget cut n more money given to HR with K700, 000 plus already spent here. As of this week, K1 million was spent to screen 60 positions out of 550 total vacancies. The whole public service in shutdown and operating from Hotels. No HR staff mending HR office too since all involved in the selection team too. As more reports come in Marc Avai was Chairman of GEDA where millions syphoned off under Havilo Kavo. The ten Council Presidents Cabinet Secretary and Avai are now witness in the criminal case at National Court. The recent 80-page report implicates the PA and his unqualified Deputy, Navsi Kivare are with Fraud Squad,.Ombudsman and DPM. The A1 Lodge and Rythm and Yin Hui are money laundering joints where even K700000 cheque written to PEC meeting at A1 Lodge in December 2017. Some prominent persons such as Ahopa Laeka and Mia Larelaka application forms is missing and they are excluded from selection for Deputy PA and DA. It was happening at Hideaway Hotel. The two surprise omission as they reported Avai. No wonder Avai want cronies to protect his own interest when Police arrest him soon. As we speak the Gulf HR were kicked off from Dream Inn bikes all monies used up. More than million is used. Selection not in Kerema but in Moresby hotels. Is it right? Mr Avea Hiarua said the Governor must come out and deny or admit and give clarification to the issue now being discussed. Whats happening is contrary to what he has been telling the Gulf people, so he must come out and clarify. It is a crooked expensive exercise that breaks the Public Service Act and General Orders and wastage and unwarranted engagement of Concept HR. The DPM, Ombudsman Commission and Fraud Squad should intervene and stop this before affected applicants and aggrieved public servants apply to Public Service Commission and the Courts. The PA who runs Gulf Province out of Ela Beach Hotel needs to be disciplined and arrested by police. Gulf did not progress of such crooks. Over to Gulf Governor!