by Mathew Johnson
The Public Prosecutor of Papua New Guinea is demonstrating absolute inconsistency in discharging his constitutional functions, especially in the referral of leaders to the Chief Justice for Prosecution under the leadership code. 

Such inconsistency is increasingly becoming the MO of leadership exhibited by the current government. We all want to see justice done according to law and the decision to revive a ten years-old outstanding leadership tribunal of Hon Chris Haiveta is welcomed.

The tribunal was unable to proceed because Mr Haiveta had never been a Member (“Leader”) of Parliament since 2007. But one wonders what had become of some other tribunals that are still outstanding. For instance, what had become of Opposition Leader Patrick Pruaitch’s Leadership Tribunal? 

The tribunal was appointed in 2010 and its been seven years. Unlike Mr Haiveta, Pruaitch had always been a member of Parliament whilst the case was still pending. The Judiciary and the Public Prosecutor seem to show no urgency in expediting this matter. This lame excuse of Court orders preventing is unbelievable when the very authorities responsible for administering the leadership tribunal prosecution are actually in a position to see the immediate discharge of those stay orders. 

Meanwhile, Pruaitch had been allowed to contest the elections twice and returned. The Supreme Court made a decision in December last year to discharge the stay orders yet nothing is done to date. How about Prime Minister O’Neill’s case? 

The Supreme Court has already determined that the Ombudsman Commission had the authority to investigate the Prime Minister and can refer the case since the Public Prosecutor messed it up. The UBS K3 billion loan case is still pending revival and we continue to wonder what the Ombudsman, Public Prosecutor and the Chief Justice are doing. 

Puka Temu’s tribunal is still pending…. How about the referral of Trevor Meouri, Secretary for Defence….. How about the referral of Auditor General Philip Nauga…… And the list goes on