Advertisement of the Chief Fire Officer closed on Friday 14th of June 2018. A good majority of qualified professionals have applied and we wish them good luck.

This is to expose the Devil and his Dark Angels within Fire Service which the Depts. of PLLGA, DPM & Ombudsman Commission have failed to address reported allegations of misappropriation and corruption since March 2018.

Acting Chief Fire Officer Bill Roo since November 2016 has defied then DPM Secretary John Kali's Instructions to advertise the Chief Fire Officer Position and no disciplinary action was taken on him. Since then, he has ceased the opportunity to steal, employ relatives, friends, promote relatives, friends, terminate firefighters, engage in business partnerships with whom he has interest in.

1.  While acting in Chief Fire Officer Position, Mr Bill Roo has been receiving HDA and EXL4 salary, which is facilitated by Fire Service acting HR Manager Gilbert Hickie & DPM's Gilbert Hou and others. He is not supposed to be paid HDA & EXL4 Salary at the same time or at this level.

2.  Mr Gilbert Hickie while acting HR Manager has been receiving full Contract position salary, even without formally signing a Contract. His divisional head Deputy Chief Fire Officer Lua Roa has not taken any disciplinary actions to date.

3.  Acting Chief Bill Roo's family companies then was AK 2000 Ltd and now is DOM Suppliers Ltd, which he uses to get out Fire Service funds.

4. Acting Chief Fire Officer Bill Roo and Projects Director Eric Yambe collaborated with ex-fireman Lex Iki and awarded the Madang Fire Station building project worth over K200, 000 to Mr Lex Iki, an individual without a construction company and also their tribesman. No proper procedures were followed when awarding the Contract to Mr Lex Iki. Mr Bill Roo & Mr Eric Yambe were given their cut in this deal.

5. Projects Director Eric Yambe collaborated with an Aroma man's company Coastal Construction Limited and sought approval from acting Chief Bill Roo to get K32, 000. 00 cheque on 13th June 2018 for a ghost NCD Fire Station job that never was done.

6. Acting Chief Fire Officer Bill Roo approved an outstanding claim of K52, 920 to Gawen CTT for hire car which is now under process. Question is who hired it, for what purpose and who is Gawen CTT?

7. Now hundreds of thousands of Kina is been pumped into an Enga man's company, Global Sourcing Limited in a short time frame. Acting Chief Bill Roo, his two Deputies and four Regional Chief Superintendents need to be investigated on their involvement with this company and 10% personal kick-backs.
8. Payroll fraud is at the highest peak at Fire Service HQ since Mr Bill Roo acted as Chief Fire Officer but divisional head Deputy Chief Fire Officer Lua Roa has failed to address this because he collaborates with acting Chief Fire Officer Bill Roo in corrupt activities.

Fire Service is mismanaged and media releases by PNGFS PR Officer is only to cover up corrupt practises and make a name. Most stories are not true. Operational firefighters throughout the country are struggling and are not fully supported by HQ.

DPM and Ombudsman Commission need to seriously look into the allegations which are before them already since March, April and act quickly because acting Chief Fire Officer Bill Roo and his Dark Angels are now draining every available Fire Service Funds thru con claims.

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