While having coffee in Kundiawa with some church men and pastors in Kundiawa , I posed the question about how Moses had command of a sizeable army of 500,000 men who were fully armed to counteract any adversity that came their way as , they left Egypt to return to the promised land of milk and honey in Canaan.

One clergy replied stating that even Moses was punished by God for doubting and being unsure of himself and the people of Israel whom he commanded to deliver to freedom.
So I asked " Are we all going to pray and wait for the Lord to deliver us from this aliens from China , who have practically taken over our nation ? "
After a pause from these man of God , one by the name of Pastor Barry Kupo , asked to share his own experience over his experience on a trip to Beijing with some of his church group.
I was taken aback by the blessings of God who provided for church pastors and his faithfuls to trot the globe with ease and paid careful attention.

His story went " Some years ago he and his group were in a restaurant in Beijing eating when a curious Chinese came over out of curiosity to find out where they were from and was told that they were from PNG.
According to the Pastor the Chinaman told them a bizarre and alarming story without knowing where they were from.
My friends you must remember this carefully as one day I will be your next door neighbour because our government will buy our way into every corner of this place .

Pastor Kupo was dumbfounded and lost as tears formed in his eyes as he had seen and experienced the invasion of Chinese all over the nation including the town of Kundiawa and his small village of Yuai on the road to Gembogl.
He was now able to understand how such a big and powerful nation was hell bent on invading all parts of the world by bribing all our leaders in government from the legislature to the Executive government and the Judiciary.

Our conversation ended in silence as we acknowledged the fact that it was all unrolling in front of our very eyes as new buildings popped up everywhere in the township of Kundiawa with our yellow neighbours busy at work.

We agreed that all our government leaders had been bought out and it was only a matter of time before we handed over complete control of our nation.
We agreed that it is a foregone conclusion that we are a province of China and that the prime minister had been bought out and he in turn had had bought out every single member of parliament and the heads of department and those in command of the respective disciplined forces.

China's official policy is bribery to heads of government at 10 percent for all Chinese loans so it would be easy to calculate how much money Peter O'Neill could have earned for himself at 10 percent of K10 billion worth of Chinese loans to date , not to mention the loan deals that are still in the pipeline.

We can now understand why lady Nee Craignolini has disposed of the poor Italian builder as she would be far richer than the queen of England as chief executor of all the Chinese loans.

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