Terence Hetinu and Rita Rea Lavari Questionable PNGEC people exchanging jobs for Sexual Favors.

by Velua Ralewa

A wedlock deal made at Grand Papua in April of 2017 during the NCD roll update exercise, between the NCD election manager Terence Hetinu and Rita Rea Lavari, a roll update agent. 

She been married to a very ill husband at the time, lying in his deathbed while Hetinu luring her with promises of escalation into the management hierarchy of the PNGEC, NCD office, while this vulnerable, gold-seeking female took solace in his promises of all promises for a climb up the ladder of PNGEC.

And all she needs to do is be by the boss's side, make him look good in public and of course, the activities that take place between a couple behind closed doors.
Sure enough after 2 weeks of roll updating, lo and behold, the new "Mrs or Mistress" becomes the provincial logistics officer. A temporary position needing disengagement after the elections then re-engagement if necessary , for a new election. 

Then comes the capital city's ethnic Motukoita election 2018. Mrs has still been the provincial logistics officer has now spread her wings to cover all of the boss's responsibilities including that of his assistant and those of the still ungazetted returning officer and his assistant's, in the process erring in many areas of the Motukoita roll update procedures pertaining to their Act of 2007. 

So here is our 'try to do it all Mrs (mistress) of the boss' who has authorised roll agents to enroll a New Guinean woman married to a Motuan man in Hanuabada all because she couldn't counter and protect the MKA Act in all diligence thus setting a precedent for all other non Motu Koitabuan women of Motuan and Koitabuan marriage, to enrol and vote in this important election for landowners of our capital city. 

If I were an MKA aspiring candidate, I would rally all other likeminded people to call for the sacking of these two undesirable election workers. A failed roll update exercise will lead to a failed polling and counting exercise and a failed election.

Terence Hetinu made headlines during 2017 elections when he was caught with K250,000 cold hard cash in his possession with another female coworker and accomplice. Interestingly, the case which had suspicious links to top NCD Police Officers and Governor Powes Parkop has gone cold.
Hetinu received a slap in the wrist punishment when he was replaced as NCD Election Manager instead of facing serious disciplinary charges including court action, jail time and dismissal from PNGEC.

It seems corruption is an acceptable practice within PNGEC starting from Gamato all the way down to his subordinates. Corruption and questionable conduct is rewarded rather than punished.

Just like he has screwed up the 2017 NCD elections through money and womanising, Hetinu is once again set to repeat the same with the Motu Koita Election along with his latest mistress Rita Rea Lavari.

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