Authorities in PNG and  Enga and the Apostolic Churches of PNG should look closely at ROBIN ISAAC, who is the founder of Kanamanda Community Fellowship in Pogera, Enga Province.

By now it is very clear that the organisation he runs and heavily promoted on Social Media promotes sexual acts between adults and teenagers, underage marriage, polygamy between adult men and teenage girls, he also heavily promotes Homosexuality and perverts the Apostolic Churches of Papua New Guinea.

He promotes himself as the Father of Faith and the seed of God's earthly Human Kingdom, he teaches that Abraham has more than one wife. God purposeful called him holy and his leadership legacy remains for all to come.  Standing on this teaching he promotes sex between his followers.

From his followers he choose 12 girls from the surrounding villages to be his wives. Almost all his followers are illiterates and by following his fake teaching of him being the seed of Abraham on this planet now, he continues to mislead the people who follow him.  "I have 12 young girls.They requested me because they trusted my leadership so I accepted their requests"

This is not the first cult following someone in PNG started, we all know of what happened to Steven Tari, the Black jesus of Madang.

The Kanamanda Community Fellowship is a cargo cult church and needs to be raided and shut down, it promotes Homosexuality, underage marriage and sex, cargo cult teaching and perverts Biblical teachings.
Tari's cult, which is estimated to have numbered as many as 6,000, became notorious for its alleged use of "flower girls" who served as concubines for Tari. The girls dress in scant clothing. The Lutheran Church, very prominent in Papua New Guinea, declared Tari an "enemy of the church".[4]
Tari was pursued by Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary police in 2005 as a result of his teachings, which included promises of material goods and well-being for the villagers' worship. Under recent law, intended to combat the widespread occurrence of cults in the country, it is illegal to make such promises.[2]
The first rape/murder accusation against Tari involves the fate of Rita Herman, who joined the cult at age 13 as a personal "flower girl" of the self-styled messiah. According to accusations, in October 2006, Tari and a select circle of his ex-Lutheran aides, along with Barmarhal Herman, the girl's mother and reported "queen" of the flower girls, took 14-year-old Rita into a private tent where she was raped by Tari. Barmarhal instructed her daughter to submit, as she and her family would be blessed by Tari and would receive great gifts of material goods and wealth as reward for the ritual.[5]
After the rape, Tari killed the girl with multiple knife stabs. Barmarhal's other daughter had been previously jailed for being one of Tari's flower girls. Barmarhal has denied being present at the event.[6]
Tari was initially captured in 2005, but escaped prior to his trial with the help of a Lutheran pastor, Logan Sapus,[4] who had been assigned to counsel him but became converted to Tari's cult instead. Back in the jungle, Tari cultivated an honour guard and recruited a new crop of flower girls from the remote villages, promising them blessings of wealth in exchange. Tari enlisted only virgins, reportedly some as young as 8 years old.[6] Tari ordered the destruction of rival Lutheran churches and terrorized nearby villages who would not submit to him.[2] About 50 of Tari's followers, including about 30 flower girls, were rounded up in an operation in June 2006. Those followers publicly renounced Tari and reconciled with their churches.[7]

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