NBC Chariman and Wife Killer pushing for Sale of Prime State Land and Property owned by NBC


The Board of NBC spearheaded by Chairman Timothy Tala, NBC Management led by Managing Director Kora Nou, and recently appointed Deputy MD Joe Wafewa are in the process of deposing a prime piece of land at Tanatana Street Boroko owned by National Broadcasting Corporation to their business associates.

This property at Tanatana Street Boroko accommodates more than 20 employees of NBC and their families, most are Senior Journalist, Broadcasters and Engineers that have loyally given their services to this Organization for more than 20 years.

The management of MD Nou had given an eviction notice to the tenants in 2017, however when queried about the alternative plan to accommodate the staff the management failed to provide any, or there was none. The tenants on numerous occasions have pleaded to the management for basic maintenance; however this had been ignored consistently citing funding shortfalls. In June 2018 the property was fenced in arousing suspicion as request for maintenance were overlooked but funding was made available for the perimeter fencing.

Now there is a fresh eviction notice to remove all tenants by September 2018 without alternative option for relocation. It is now public knowledge that the Board Chairman Timothy Tala is pushing vigorously for this property to be immediately vacated and sold off.

MD Nou and DMD Wafewa are only a rubber stamp of the Board Chairman Mr. Tala from SHP. Both facilitate everything the Chair wants, from state assets to operational funds earmarked for NBC. The Chairman’s latest acquisition will be this prime land and the assets on it. The Deputy MD runs around like an immature kid facilitating all crook deals, despite serving for more than 40 years in this Organization and having integrity to protect and be proud of. He was handpicked by the Board chairman to be the DMD for only one purpose, which is to facilitate the chairman’s lust for NBC assets.

Under the Chairmanship of Tala most assets of NBC have been offloaded to close business associates with proceeds NOT going into NBC to rehabilitate its neglected assets. Board members include Paul Raptario Deputy Chairman (Former NBC Board Chairman), Benny Tanda (Board Secretary), Esther Igo and others. It is surprising to know that these members cannot even defend the sale of this property and others prior to that. Are they afraid to defend righteousness? Or do they also benefit from all proceeds of the past sales and endorsing all deposition of state properties? The chairman is regarded as having or showing a low level of intelligence, however it amazes everyone to know that he can control the Board and Management for his gain.

As a concerned citizen I am posing these questions to Chairman Tala, MD Nou and DMD Wafewa to answer.

I. Was there a Board resolution to dispose this property at Tanatana?
II. Are there any alternative plans to relocate the tenants of Tanatana NBC flat?
III. Why is it that the NBC management is not so concerned about the welfare of its staff when a formal request was made by tenants to maintain this property?
IV. If accommodation is not a condition of employment, what about all the houses/flats owned by NBC that other staff are occupying? Are they supposed to provide their own accommodation too?
V. What will become of this prime land, has NBC got any plans to develop it to generate revenue for the Organization, or just to sell it off?

Minister Basil must intervene immediately to stop this Sale, and question the Board on its motive to depose of a prime land and the assets. Minister’s negligence will only allow the Board and Management to continuously dwindle state assets which will be difficult to recoup. It is now too obvious that the Chairman is approaching end of his term and pushing the management into all kinds of illegal dealings.

Please Minister Basil for once save this flagship media Organization of PNG, it’s saddening to watch from afar seeing some of the icons of pre independence era being squandered and plundered by people with huge gratification to benefit from public assets.

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