Thursday, October 11, 2018



Insiders at APEC Authority have estimated the following costs to the nation to date over the last 2 years:

1. APEC Haus construction - K300m.
2. Hilton Hotel construction contribution - K200m.
3.  Sealing of Jacksons airport (old terminal area) for 767 aircrafts to park - K70m.
4. Cruise Ship hires - K90m.
5. Joint Security task force costs including cars and bikes and boats and related cost under Police Comm etc. - K60m.
6. Hire cars -  K65m.
7. Hotels and venue hire for all the lead up meetings so far - K90m.
8. Motor vehicles including executive Praods - K50m.
9. New Maserati sports sedans - K40m.
10. Salaries for staff and consultants for staff and foreign consultants for years for both APEC Authority and APEC secretariat - K90m.
11. Travel and allowances for attending meetings etc over 2 years - K60m.
12.  Staff accommodation - K30m.
13.  Uniforms and attire we see littering Pom - K50m.
14. Banners and flyers and signages by a certain Lady's company- K30m.
15. Computers and meeting registration software - K20m.
16. Medical Services to PIH for meetings so far- K10m.
17.  Work on wharf to accommodate cruise ships - K30m.
18.  Water supply piping with Eda Ranu to Motukea for cruise ships - K10m.
19. National Weather Service Upgrade  - K10m.
20.  PNG Air Safety Ltd equipment upgrade - K20m.
21. Staff meals and allowances during meetings for all State Agencies including Police and govt departmenta- K10m.
22.  Fuel and maintenance costs for over 120 vehicles for 2 year - K30m.
23. Cost of hosting several lead up meetings in certain provinces- K20m
23.  Other administration costs like mobile phones and internet and stationery etc etc  - K40m.

These exclude all aid funded projects like the Poreporena Freeway upgrade for K30m and Convention centre upgrade for K25m.

Minister Tkachenko blatantly lied to the country when asked in Parliament in August that only K56m was spent so far.

Will the country, especially other elected politicians, just stand by silently and allow 2 politicians just run amok spending money on a wasteful meeting that is of no benefit to the country?

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