Connection with Bonifica - Italian Donor of 40 Maserati to PNG APEC


Many have asked the questions who paid for the 40 Maserati cars that will be used during APEC?

Word on the street is that there is a certain expat in Department of Works (name withheld) who originally from Sri Lanka looks after awarding of donor-funded projects. He is the person that PM O'Neil deals directly in any awarding of contracts. The person has a great connection with many influential people and donors around the world.

A few months back, a Tender for Highlands Highway Rehabilitation Investment Project (HHRIP) was organised by the DoW with funding from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) at a circa K3.0 billion kina to fund the rehabilitation of the highlands highway.

Most of the top Engineering companies such as Cardno, SMEC, China Railway Construction, those with exceptional qualification and PNG experience were overlooked with the tender awarded to the Italian Firm - Bonifica. It appears the firm was promised of paying for the Maserati with the opportunity to get the contract awarded and recoup money in the future.

The first phase of the project worth K1.0 billion was awarded recently to the Italian firm as per sources.

So now you know where the connection to Sri Lanka and Italy re-the famous Maseratigate scandal.

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