PUMA ENERGY which is owned by Prime Minister Peter O'Neill and currently supplies diesel to PNG Power conspired with Carolyn Blacklock to sell off the gas powered gensets because they pose a threat to Puma. It's in exchange for writing off Inter Oil K4b tax owed to the PNG government. Some PNG consortiums are interested in buying the gensets to establish gas power stations to supply power to PNG Power at a cheaper rate than that of diesel power. There seems to be conspiracy and conniving between certain top elements in government, Carolyn Blacklock and expatriates in Deloitte, Puma Energy, PNG Power to rob PNG further by selling the gensets that originally cost K50m each or total K100m. Obviously, they will sell to their preferred buyers under shady deals for a private commission

The government has transferred the two GE generators to PPL to utilise local gas for power generation. Under the controversies over APEC spendings etc, PPL, in particular, Carolyn Blacklock and Bruce Colbert have decided that PNG doesn’t deserve gas fire power generation and have secretly assigned Delloites to tender these generators to overseas buyers at a huge loss to PNG people.

We have lost huge money in purchasing it and to add salt to the wound, foreigners have decided that PNG economy does not deserve the right to enjoy lower electricity tariff via the use of power produced by domestic gas.

These generators can more than sufficiently add to the existing power supply to prevent frequent power blackouts in Port Moresby.

This self-interest decision by Blacklock and her sidekick gives bad smell about the future existence of PPL let alone any progress. Like APEC, PPL is managed by self-interest individuals and interest of domestic customers are fed to the dogs.

We have to support the use of these generators domestically. We need opposition members to question this potential transaction which is detrimental to PNG.

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