The Prolonged Abuse and Chronically ill begotten shellfish decisions to ferried 36 peoples, serviced by 8 men crews (lnternational) in 737 Jet, though has a capacity of 200 plus people to an uneconomical route/flight to former Chairman Frederick Reiher's home country just to please him at the expense of PX and PNG has resulted in this never to happen disastrous accident?

How many of these sorts of runs have they been doing??? What an absolutely disgraceful act of honour for a bloke who came with nothing and turned this country's prideful airline into his backyard private airline company. Equally embarrassing was his GM Simon Foo, who set up the uneconomical route from Cairns to Rabaul direct, so he could benefit from tourist staying at his own hotel/lodge.
These two guys bad procurements and plannings on staff, equipment movements and recruitments that is having a telling effect now.

They happily retired themselves on hefty perks and privileges and still manage to travel first class at 10% discounts anywhere and pull strings on staff to roaster unprofitable junk trips so that they or their families can get to travel. What absolute shame? "Prevention is better than cure" and nobody thought about it on this occasion.

This 737 flight with only 36 passengers on board has a 200 plus capacity plane should never have taken off on a trip that's uneconomical by any measure of business sense. Higher Aviation Gas Costs and the costs of 8 lnternational crews was not matched by the fees collected from 36 peoples, let alone running a 76 seater Dash8 would not even pay for the costs such of a flight.

PX flights are cancelled led and planes shortchanged on domestic flights for the citizens who supposedly own Air Niugini, and everytime point to the economics of running a certain flight. We get it and understand, than management must explain why run an expensive plane took off at a big loss when the fares collected do not cover the costs of running that flight. The buck stops right there at corrupted management decisions.

This flight was already prevented from flying by virtue of Air Niugini's standards on rules of economics for flights. This flight was prevented from this crash right here in POM if the management applied their usual rule of justification by appropriate income to cover costs and retaining profits before dispatching this plane.

It is apparent they breached this rule which would have prevented this flight from flying at all. One lot of rules for those who enjoy the high offices without working for their ridiculous perks and one set of rules for simple people.

Management decisions put pilots and crews lifes at risk. This is an accident that was preventable at Jackson's Airport. The flight did not meet the required economics of any flight and should have prevented the flight from ever flying. Someone has compromised under certain orders from above without concern for economics of that flight or other people's lives. Just doesn't add up!!!

As always, big shot from Micronesia may have pushed the boundaries with his handpicked groundstaff to defy all economics of this flight and launched it inspite of the flight not paying for itself, let alone cover it's costs. The pilot would have been prevented from flying which would have prevented the accident from happening, just by cancelling the flight because it was uneconomical to fly in the first place. Prevention is better than cure

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