Everyone knows the history and international politics, I will just give a brief ... Power in international relations is defined in several different ways.. Those states that have significant amounts of power within the international system are referred to as Superpowers, big powers, middle powers, and small powers respectively. The power is measured by military and economic power. Countries like the US, Russia, China are a superpower...Example of Big power countries are Great Britain, France and for middle power in Australia and few others...So PNG fits into small power group...That means PNG can be easily influenced by Super Power countries in terms of money via aid and military by conducting an exchange training programme or other means.

Going back to political history..The Cuban Missile Crisis, in 1962 confrontation between the United States and the Soviet Union concerning American ballistic missile deployment in Italy and Turkey with consequent Soviet ballistic missile deployment in Cuba. The confrontation is often considered the closest Cold War, mind battling came escalating into a full-scale nuclear war. The Cold War was well defined as the geopolitical, ideological, and economic struggle between two world superpowers, the USA and the USSR...Now, an ideology of democracy is the USA and USSR is communist, both influence the world... China, North Korea and others were influenced by Russia. PNG, South Korea, Australia and others were influenced by the USA.

Like I said, we all know the history, nothing new.. Brief history, basically to ask this question, Why is PNG entertaining China??? We don't have any political history... In Economic, Yes, China has its motive to gain wealth, build its empire, grow its economy through assisting our government, give and take aid.. China's government Aid gives the pathway to all the Chinese business people to come and do business in PNG. China advocates or practises socialism to those communist countries...Such practises, businesses are all owned by the Chinese government...So, all the Chinese businesses here in PNG are owned by the Republic of China.. I quote from Asia Pacific journalist, Richard Mcgregor "PNG is the most important target for Beijing, and not just because it is by far the largest nation in the Pacific. PNG is attractive for its untapped oil, gas and mineral resources, as well as its strategic location, looking north into Asia and south to Australia." The blind is misleading our beautiful country..We are going to fall awkwardly anytime soon.

Due to geopolitical reason, USA has given the task to Australia to look after Pacific Island nations esp those countries that were influenced by the ideology of democracy...Such a Middle power nation played at least his part to aid 500 million Australian dollars a year to PNG... We have failed big time to manage the fund, poor foreign aid management yet we show emotion to USA and Australia by displaying foreign Chinese flag everywhere in the democratic land, the rightful soil of the USA and Australia...The land that involved bloodshed like the destruction of life, as in war or murder; slaughter. Our PM has taken it for granted...Most Australian and Japanese died in WW2. I never heard of Chinese involvement in that war...Australia had given Independence supported by UN which was actually the USA spearheading on the golden plate or Zero bloodshed.

The government of China is a snake in the grass. Zambia became 1st Chinese colony of African Nations, this year because she can not be able to repay the loan...China is now owning Zambia's national electricity company and other major assets...Finding unfold, China's new colonial strategy to capitalize on country's weakness especially on: 1. Corrupt Leader, and 2. Greedy Leader. She further claimed Vanuatu trade centre, the wharf and claim Fiji's piece of land is underway.. PNG, China has made a lot of investment already unlike Vanuatu and Fiji and even Zambia and other African countries. I won't be surprised to hear that China has recolonized PNG and own all the State Own Enterprise like PNG Power, Air Niugini, Telikom PNG etc.. and other important assets..I am pretty sure, there's secret talks or negotiation underway now so to speak during APEC summit or deal done before APEC.

Some of you may say or think, Australian Govt has to be negligent over the assistance of urgent need or promotion in agriculture & livestock or other minerals and commodities we have, to improve trade...Let me tell you this to those who don't know what has been transpired over the years...
Australian government failed in some way or sometimes being ignorant because we lack transparent systematic and prudent management, thus we pose the danger of becoming spectators in our own land...Hence, we can not blame Australia, we blame ourselves.

Going back to ideologies.. PNG is a democratic nation, he cannot compromise with other ideology...PNG's political identity must be positioned, maintained and firm... Founder of Democracy, USA, the president sent his vice because he doesn't want to be stupid in his own political soil.
The different approach of these two great leaders...Chinese president's approach is to build his economy and recolonise PNG and use it as strategic for the future war zone in the Pacific region because of its land mass...The US president approach is basically maintain democracy and improve economic growth.

Is our Prime Minister going on the right track with China? Is our children's destiny better with China?


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