PNG APEC- A- FAILURE Even before hosting it

1. The USA Vice President Mike Pence will be living, loving and enjoying Tropical Cairns and commute to PNG daily.

2. All the private planes and jets will be parked in Australia and Indonesia.

3. Australian citizens and Members of Parliament are very furious about the wastage of (tax payers) money on Maserati and Bentleys

4. The International Communities are not confident of the APEC Security arrangements that they have demanded PNG government to lower the curtains for them to provide their own security completely undermining the severeignity of this nation

5. The International Governments/media are keenly questioning and observing why there is absolute secrecy and no transparency in the finances of hosting APEC meeting which defeats the purpose of what APEC stands for.

6. The APEC Meeting is overshadowed by the powerplay between Western Allies and China (PNG succumbing to the traps).

7. Human suffering in PNG at the cost of hosting APEC is immeasurable.

8. The one day sit in protest sends a very strong message to 21 APEC member countries of the disrespect and discontentment the common people of PNG have about Oneils corrupt regime.

9. The Government of Peter Oneil is overshadowed with so many allegations of corruption, collusion, squandering, non transparency, secrecy and massive debt creation that their is no trust by foreign countries anymore. The front they will show during the meeting will be just plain diplomacy and show.

10. The 21 APEC member country dignitaries will come to PNG with mixed feelings whilst the people of PNG will live in fear for security risk during APEC meeting period. Hence, the experience won't be so welcoming and free for all stake holders involved.

11. Etc...

From the outset, the image potrayed and the message echoed is a resounding absolute wastage and failure!!

PNG is not economically, socially and politically placed strategically to reap any conceivable reward. There is nothing good that PNG should be proud of in hosting APEC - our leaders out of greed and selfish deeds have used APEC to squeez millions and worse so from borrowed money. Hence, passing the responsibility and burden down to our common people to bear and suffer in the many more years to come.

The only gain is our PRIDE, BIG MEN MENTALITY and EGO!!
(-> that translates to nothing from common people's point of view - zero!!)

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