Papua New Guinean development aspirations are all jumbled up and not in order. The National Government should invest its resources including Money where it will improve the lives of its people.

From my observation and experience, there is more grandstanding on the political level building statuesque and echo more than planning on bringing tangible development to communities and towns by elected representatives from both sides of the house.

The following important key development areas should be prioritized.

1. Improving Road and Bridges :
Opening up and connecting the rural PNG communities through improved Road and Bridges will give an opportunity for our people to work on their land by converting ideal land to economic value by planting cash crops and livestock on a commercial scale. The Department of Works should be reviewed and upgraded to function independently. The Department should operate as independently as possible

2. Improving and empowering Department of Agriculture and Livestock.
Department of Agriculture and Livestock must be empowered through training and improving the industry. All AGRICULTURE colleges should be funded and improved to impart new knowledge with students joining the workforce. Through constant support, this industry will one day be the highest income earner contributing to the National Government Budget.

3. Improving Human Resources through quality education.
The country's most important asset is its human resources. The government should focus on training its human resources including citizens who are considered as system dropouts. Everyone passing through the Education system should be able to get engaged in various capacities so their service should be rendered. Any positive change in society is achievable only through an Educated population.

4. Improving Health system in the country.
The government must improve our country's Health system giving as the country needs a healthy population to pursue its development aspirations.

5. The Provincial Government system should be abolished and be replaced with Local authorities to drive the National Government development agendas. Employees at the provincial government should be absorbed into the public service domain so their performance criteria are measured through there achievement. Provincial government system currently in existence is not delivering as it should and must be abolished. They are becoming an obstacle and creating bottleneck..The people should be managed through district authorities

6. Each District Development Plans should be administered by the National Government and appoint commissioned officers to pursue the various District Development agendas. Through district planning and identification, other services can flow...the district is closer to the people.

7. Law and order be improved.
There is more to be done in the country's court and policing of the law and just sector. The government should redesign and overhaul the law and order and policing system. The people have come to run circles around our policing and have compromised with a policing system. The police system needs a complete overhaul to improve for better.

8. National Judiciary System
The National Judiciary System should be upgraded with chief justice voted in by the People. The correctional services facilities should be upgraded with maximum security prisoners assigned to an isolated island.

9. An export-driven economy should be promoted.
The government should invest heavily in improving our export commodities outside of Oil, copper, LNG gas, and other renewable resources.

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