Two men midgets from Southern Highlands PNG need to know as they are behind every formula that keeps MPs following the Prime Minister like bees following a queen bee. Money attracts MPs although the MPs know very well that the Prime Minister, Peter O'Neil is most corrupt PM in the 43 histories of this country.

Of all PNGeans including Deputy Prime Minister, Charles Able, there are only 2 Southern Highlanders whom the Prime Minister will pause to answer their call or the two men can make the Prime Minister wait in the cue. They are Kumul Petroleum Managing Director, Wapu Sonk and MRDC Managing Director, Augustine Mano.

Although the duo has Boards that by Law are supposed to control them, they seem to control upwards. They call Board meetings and or do Circular Board Resolutions for Board members to sign without any queries. And at times they can openly tell Board Members not to put themselves at risk of losing their Board jobs as all directions and their operation is remotely controlled by the BIG BOSS (Prime Minister).

Most of the Financial Decisions are made by the Prime Minister through these two men and has benefited a lot....I mean to the billions of kina.

Ask any Board member in this two organisations and they will tell you. Those Boards are Rubber Stamps.

Currently, there is a request at Kumul Petroleum for an advance to fund Members DSIP and PSIP in January 2019. Kumul Petroleum is working on it and this will have to be another Bank Loan from BSP and ANZ as Kumul Petroleum is in RED due to the APEC costs.

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