We now know what we never knew about the people we vote in as our leaders to represent us in Parliament. This is mainly due to social media because our leaders cannot  hide anymore. Things are reported as it happens especially about our politicians.

Both on the Government side n the Opposition, the only vocal politicians n those who are contributing meaningful discussions on issues appear to be the mixed races. At least they know what to say and when to say compared to our full blooded Melanesian politicians.

Many can't say anything and when some do say something, they spit out mere rubbish leaving us wondering why we even vote them in the first place.

Many of these so called full blooded Melanesian leaders just rock up for Parliament sessions  with their eyed firmly  fixed on the sitting allowances n nothing more.

They do not contribute meaningfully on any issues affecting the country including  CORRUPTION.
Look at how many full blooded PNG politicians are supporting this unpopular government. They are there in numbers n PM O'Neill n his Deputy and even the APEC Minister is standing on their shoulders to do what they are doing to the country.
Then in the Opposition, see who is doing something n raising important issues on the floor of Parliament. The only two full blooded PNG MPs talking are Sir Morauta and Honourable Kua.
So what is actually wrong with our full blooded Melanesian politicians?
Many bribed their way to Parliament n they are there for nothing but money. That may be one reason why they are not talking.

But the most important one is knowledge. You must know what you are talking about.
In order to contribute meaningfully in discussion or to raise important issues, one must have the background knowledge or information. If you do not have that background knowledge, you must put time n effort into researching the topic to understand the required information. And this is not in the DNA of many we elect to Parliament. Remember, many did not even have proper education nor industry experience or even life experiences too. That is why they can't contribute anything positive or meaningful.

If they can contribute meaningfully as good leaders, future of PNG n its people really is in the hands of the full blooded Papua  New Guinean politicians simply because they are the majority in Parliament.

They are the only ones who will either allow corruption to continue to destroy our country or stand up to end it!

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