Bryan Kramer - The Face of a New Generation of PNG Politics - This seed will grow


While we all may have our own views on the political style and tactics employed by the good Member for Madang Hon Bryan Kramer, one thing is very notable.

He does not seek attention or fame! He fights a cause that represents the economic plight of 8.5 million people of Papua New Guinea. Minus all the different political views and affiliations, one thing that remains dominant in Bryan Kramer's campaigns is the fight against corruption and mismanagement that has deprived the rights of the people of this country to equally share the wealth of this nation!

While we may all agree that the likes of Bryan Kramer, Kerenga Kua, Garry Juffa, Allan Bird and others have development issues back at their political domains, we cannot deny outright the national issues that they are fighting for, both on the floor of Parliament, social media, mainstream media and out in the public. These are national issues that concerns every citizen of this nation.

Though being a first timer in Parliament, Bryan Kramer has made his presence felt day one in Parliament. His fire brand style of politics and continous onslaught on the government on sensitive national issues in the social media and mainstream media is very commendable. His no-nonsense approach and stigma has now aroused a new generation of young Papua New Guineans who are eager to change the course of this nation to prosperity.

Time is only what remains to decide the fate of this nation before we sink further into economic doom and we loose everything we claim to have and become beggars and slaves to big multi national corporations, a dictatorial system of government, international lenders, world Bank, etc. Bryan Kramer has changed the face of PNG Politics despite facing criticism, hate and envy. Forever a new generation of smart, clever and strategic politicians will rise in 2022 and will change the dynamics of politics in PNG.

Bryan Kramer is like a seed of a New Generation of Nelson Mandelas that will fight for good governance, honesty and transparency! He has set the standards and has taken this fight to a new level that requires more support from every citizen of this great nation.

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